In ‘N Out Burger: Calories Per Dollar

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In-N-Out Burger


A west coast favorite, In-N-Out Burger is a place for those of us who want a simple, well made burger. In-N-Out Burger knows this and so they dont waste your time with pointless combos, divided menus, or salads. This place is about two things; burgers and fries.

  • The highest calories per dollar item is the Chocolate Shake.
  • The highest protein per dollar item is the Double-Double w/Onion.
  • The best items to order are going to be the cheeseburger w/onion.

In-n-out is not the best value, but we’ve reviewed worse. It’s a short menu, and the best items are fries and a burger.

Our guess is you would have ordered that with, or without this article 😛



If you’re looking to maximize your dollars spent, nothing can beat home cooking.

In n out burger

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