Panara Bread Per Dollar- Calories Per Dollar and Protein Per Dollar

Lived off their 440 Calories Per Dollar Bagels back in my younger and more formidable years. Retail Clothing and 10 minute breaks.

Seems not much has changed, bagels topping the list.

Defining the columns

Calories/Dollar= Calories Per Dollar
Effectiveness= Calories Per Dollar/Our Calories Per Dollar Target (700 Calories Per Dollar)
Calories/Protein= Calories needed to get 1 g of protein. Smaller is lower calorie, lowest possible is 4 Calories/g Protein
Cost to eat all year= 2000 Calories/Calories Per Dollar * 365 Days

Best sources of Calories at Panara Bread

The highest calories per dollar item is the hoagie roll. The highest protein per dollar item is the french baguette. Overall the best bang for your buck is the hoagie roll.

Download Data Here

Major Take Aways

Bagels are your best value at Panara Bread.

Kids meals and half portions are almost 2x more expensive than their normal sized counterparts.

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