Efficiency Is Everything – In Life

Efficiency Is Everything – In Life


(Hard Cover, Ships to United States Only)

Efficiency is Everything is a 2 hour long book that will show you how to apply Engineering Efficiencies on your food, your morning routine, insurance, and more to save $800 a month and 200 hours a year.

We will provide the Industrial Engineering Academic foundation, Data, application to the home, and how you can use this in a beautiful concise format. We wouldn't be efficient if we wrote a 300 page novel!

Product Description

25+ chapters on saving time, money, and tips to enhance the quality of your daily tasks. This academic approach will teach you the fundamental tools of Industrial Engineering.

  • In minutes you will be able to choose the ‘correct’ health insurance and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime.
  • Eat the most delicious and nutritious foods for less than 1,000 dollars a year – all while saving time on food prep!
  • Easily lose weight and gain muscle using engineering principles.
  • Stop procrastinating with our automotive industry proven methods to keep you on track.
  • Quickly do finances and get out of debt!
  • Use the time saving techniques to stop feeling busy.
  • See the world differently than everyone else with this new knowledge.


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