Tubby’s: Cheapest Foods, Calories Per Dollar

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Tubby’s has a wide assortment of sandwiches for people to enjoy.

Tubby’s Subs


  • The highest calories per dollar item is the Large Taco Sub.
  • The highest protein per dollar item is the Steak and Cheese XXXL Sub.
  • The top two itemsĀ  (Taco Sub and Chicken Parmesan) are the best value, but the Steak and Cheese offers a full days meal.

We’re going to recommend the Taco Sub, BUT eating the Steak and Cheese XXXL sub gives you almost a full days calories and protein in one sandwich. Its worth your consideration.

If you’re wondering what ingredients you should be looking for, here’s a helpful breakdown of the top components of Tubby’s Subs.

IteamĀ  Calorie Protein
Party Sub Bun 1,120 40
12 Inch Multigrain Bun 470 18
12 Inch Tubby’s Sub Bun 460 16
12 Inch Wheat Bun 440 17
Monterey Jack Cheese 110 6
Crumbled Feta Cheese 80 5
Shredded Cheddar Cheese 60 4
Chicken Tenders 300 13
Corned Beef 240 25
Meatballs 240 13
Pulled Pork 220 17
Burger 170 11
Italian Sausage 160 9
Pepperoni 130 6
Chicken Fajita Strips 120 22
Homestyle Ranch 180 2
Tubby’s Famous Dressing 170 0
Dijon Honey Mustard 140 0
Tortilla Chips 160 2
Crimini Mushroom 15 3
Mushrooms 0 1

If you’re looking to maximize your dollars spent, nothing can beat home cooking.

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