Completely Cut The Cord- Save Thousands By Replacing Cable Internet With Hotspots

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Moved into our new half million dollar mortgage this week. First home ownership already has me thinking of topics like: Saving Time On Lawns and Landscaping, Thermodynamics of Heating a home, Quality Metrics of Patios, Moving items upstairs using Buffers… and we’ve only been living there 4 days.

Home Ownership Efficiency Incoming

Jimmy John’s Calories and Protein Per Dollar– Optimize your Order, pick the best bread.

If you have been thinking about trying biphasic sleep, take a look at our new Sleep Section. Our implementation to save 12 hours a week plus anecdotes and tips from others that have made the change and ‘won’t be going back’.

Heads up on a ‘non engineering’ article coming up. Finance/Investing. I feel almost irresponsible for not discussing this in the past. Investing can take money today and make it worth 7x as much in the future without any extra effort. I’ll go through the math and focus on quality metrics. There will be no affiliate plugs, just math and some notes about my own investments.

Cutting the Cord, The Next Generation

I’ve heard the term ‘Cut the Cord’, the big middle finger to Cable companies for annoying introductory rates.

Replacing Cable TV with alternatives. This was studied earlier this year. This still requires using the Cable company for internet service.

Next, We remove cable companies from your home using Hotspots.

Premise- Meeting Quality Specifications

Internet needs to provide:

  • Netflix
  • Video Games- MMORPGs(I suppose its 2017, so MOBAs?)
  • Multiple users Googling
  • Youtube

Or whatever you need. You decide your quality specifications.

These specifications achievable through Comcast and AT&T internet. If Comcast is 5 dollars cheaper than AT&T, and they both hit all quality specifications, spending $5 extra dollars a month for AT&T would be Overprocessing Waste.

You are paying extra money and not getting value.

If Hotspots can meet those specifications, you can make the change without noticing any change.

Testing Hotspot Technology

Steps to Test:

  1. Turn on your phone’s Hotspot.
  2. Change your home internet to your new Wifi
  3. Test connectivity to your favorite websites
  4. Test Video Streaming Services. All of them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Test Video Games
  6. Make a decision if the internet speed met your expectations

Upon finishing our testing, Tmobile’s LTE was a suitable replacement for our needs. Our plan is about 60$/month for 1 phone’s service, which we also write off as a business expense in taxes. (hmmm… Might have to write about tax writeoffs…)

Next Steps

You need to conduct your own test. Try it tonight, make sure you plug in your phone for charging.

Very quickly we found that Hotspot technology met all of our expectations. Cancel your $50+/month cable bill. If your service is good enough, you won’t notice the difference… except for saving hundreds of dollars a year.


Make the change to Hotspots, optimize your money!

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