Save Time and Money Right Now By Reading This – Engineering Your Daily Life

By popular demand,

This is my blog about how I apply engineering principles to my life.

I’ll be using statistics, data, and Lean Engineering to make decisions like:

‘Is it more effective to use paper towel, tissue, or toilet paper?’


‘what is my most cost efficient source of caffeine?’


You will find ways to slice time off chores by analyzing non-value added tasks. Its why automotive assembly lines can mass produce cars inexpensively. I study that, and apply it to my daily life – now you will too!

Think of two situations you waste time daily:

Walking back and forth between the closet and bathroom getting ready in the morning.

Jumping around the kitchen grabbing different ingredients, equipment, and gear.

Sure this only takes 5-10 seconds, but over the course of your lifetime, walking back and forth twice a day will take you more than 12,000 minutes over your lifetime. That
is a lot of TV you could be watching(I watch my TV shows at 1.3 times speed, meaning I save 18 minutes on a 1 hour long show).

Applying engineering methodology to food, health insurance, and our finances, I’m looking at the ability to retire by the age of 30.

Me and my wife have found shortcuts on everything from sleep, to food, to doing our hair.

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