Caffeine Per Dollar List – Cheapest Forms Of Caffeine, Coffee, Tea, and Energy Drinks


After a weekend of lots of coffee, infinity CPD cream, and infinity CPD sugar later- we have our Caffeine Per Dollar List

EDIT 2-7-17: It was pointed out that the caffeine content in coffee was about 20% higher than it should be. Accuracy is the most important and the photo and excel download below has been updated.

Bolded are some products I found interesting to compare. Take note of how similar products have similar amounts of Caffeine Per Dollar. McDonalds and Starbucks were comparable to each other, but much more expensive than their home brew counterparts.

Download Excel File Here

7 Take Aways

  1. Drip Coffee is often the most cost efficient around $0.02/cup
  2. Diet Coke has more caffeine than regular Coke.
  3. Making Coffee in the Keurig is 32x more expensive than Drip Coffee
  4. Making your own Starbucks at home saves 3x.
  5. 25 Cent Office coffee costs ~9x more than if you made it your own
  6. Energy Drinks are expensive,and often on par with Starbucks and McDonalds
  7. Caffeine pills can be comparable to drip coffee, or sometimes 5x more expensive.

Caffeine Study Routine

Got me through many Chem Engineering exams-

>Eat Dinner
>Take Caffeine Pill with a bunch of water
>Set timer for 40 minutes, enjoy life to the fullest- aka game.
>Timer rings, caffeine kicks in, get to work
>Set timer for 5 hours (you study until the half life hits)
>Dream about the subject matter

Bonus points if you ran or napped recently. Worked best for Organic Chem, I used to dream in compounds.

I hope I dont kill anyone

There are two items I didnt list above, but collected data for.

1,500 g Caffeine Powder Pure (Synthetic) From PureBulk – 22,000 mg Caffeine Per Dollar

25 kg 100% Pure Caffeine Anhydrous USP From Nutra Vita Shop – 38,400 mg Caffeine Per Dollar

The problem with pure caffeine is that a scoop of it will kill you. That teaspoon you use to scoop sugar with could kill a few people. Not easy to use.

Ever since BOFAD(Bag of Flour A Day) became a meme on fitness message boards, I’m a bit more conservative on what I put in an infographic.

I’ll take my delicious house coffee. Black or lots of cream lots of sugar – I love coffee.

Caffeine Efficiency

Is getting your daily caffeine intake something I should do a time study on? Find anything interesting in the data? How can we make life Efficient? Comment below

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3 thoughts on “Caffeine Per Dollar List – Cheapest Forms Of Caffeine, Coffee, Tea, and Energy Drinks

  • May 25, 2017 at 1:16 am

    Unfortunately, anhydrous caffeine isn’t available to (U.S.) consumers any more (Overdose/death). It’s a shame; great bang for the buck. Great site. 10/10. Will visit again.

    • May 25, 2017 at 3:10 am


      saw your next comment, and I didn’t want to remove your post because the dangers of caffeine powder are real.

      Legal or not, pure caffeine is easy to OD on.

      I personally stay away and drink either coffee or caffeine pills. It is still only dollars a year.

  • May 25, 2017 at 1:25 am

    Please delete last comment. I might be wrong about the legality. My apologies.


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