No one else was doing it.

Industrial Engineering, applied to life at home

Hospitals and Offices are incorporating SPC, Lean, and hiring industrial engineers to make them more efficient.

If you can save 4 minutes a day on a process, over the course of your lifetime you will save 1200 hours over your lifetime. That’s a half year not doing a task.

This is engineering for the consumer, us.

>Metric driven cost comparisons, Calories Per Dollar, Protein Per Dollar, Vitamin A Per Dollar, Caffeine Per Dollar, Alcohol Per Dollar, and more.

>Daily life process optimization- Process Flow Diagrams to find waste in morning routines, shower error proofing, all save minutes everyday.

>Only Math- No no, the scientific method said you had to prove it.


I love it. And it makes my life better too.

There are 7,000,000,000 people that have to eat, get dressed, deal with hygiene, and more applications of Industrial Engineering. This is big.

However, this website is completely funded by me, at a loss.

Studies take resources, which as a Full Time engineer, I can afford and I am happy to contribute to.

This Engineering of Life is different than anything I’ve seen for consumers.

The goal is to discover ways everyone can use to optimize life.

The two best things you can do to support Efficiency:

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