Hey! I’m Michael – the Engineer dedicated to giving you the tools and data to optimize your life. Have you wondered:

  • “How can I eat meals that optimize cost, cook time, and nutrition?”
  • “How can I pick Insurance that optimizes cost and risk?”
  • “How can I save time every week without changing my life?”
  • “How can I be organized without spending time?”

Or if you ever just needed to figure out the ‘correct’ answer to a problem with gray answers…


Engineering Principles will change your life at home

There are many problems that come up at home, and everyone seems to have different solution. I’m here to provide you the mathematically proven answer.

How can you gather all the data, given your job, your family, obligations, and hobbies?

Instead of blindly going through life, wasting time on non-value added tasks and needless expenses…

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If I’m going to be Efficient, I’m going to be Efficient with your time. Giving you everything you need to know fast, so you can start applying it to your own life.

I have the obsession to engineer solutions to mundane household problems, complex life decisions, and questions that don’t have a clear answer. I turn these into easy to implement tips that you can benefit from today.

What is Engineering Efficiency?

Working in an automotive assembly plant, we need to be time efficient and cost efficient. Everything is studied and scrutinized to save seconds and cents. Why?

In The Factory

  • Saving 1 second on a process repeated every minute will save more than 60,000 minutes in 10 years.
  • Saving a quarter on a part that is made every minute will save almost a million dollars in 10 years.

In Your Home

  • Saving 1 minute a day, over the next 50 years of your life, will be 90,000 minutes saved.
  • Saving 10 dollars a day on food costs over the next 50 years will be almost $200,000.

The factory has been streamlined to be excellent at doing processes. The home, that hasn’t been studied – until now.

The Engineering

You may have heard of terms like Industrial Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Pareto, Kaizen, SPC…

This, applied to your home life, so you can be Efficient.

We have used:

  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • 5S
  • Spaghetti Diagrams
  • Error Proofing
  • Metrics
  • Ergonomics
  • Statistics
  • Work Instructions
  • Data Collection

This… applied to your chores, your food, your finances, your workout, your goals, and more.

100,000 People Have Used Efficiency

People from everywhere are interested in what applying engineering at home will do for them. Whether you are in Australia, China, Europe, Brazil, or the United States – you have laundry, food, and chores to deal with daily.

The goal is for you:

  • More money to spend on things they enjoy.
  • More time in the day to grow their hobbies and relationships.
  • More enjoyable time during the 8 hours a day you spend at home.

There three ways you can get Efficient:

Efficiency is Everything – The Cookbookefficiency-is-everything-book

  • You get the recipes that we eat for 21 dollars a week.
  • Less than 3 hours cooking a week.
  • Healthy, Delicious, and Impressive
  • Extremely detailed instructions (Based off Work Instructions)

Efficiency Is Everything – In Life

  • Food – Your guide to physical health and cost effective ingredients. You get the raw data, my interpretation, application, and the tools that we use to eat for 21 dollars a week.
  • Finances – How we lived for $19,000 a year but had so much luxury people admired our wealth. You get the tools I used so inlife3you can skip the formulas and get right to the ‘correct answer’. Shortly you will be saving thousands of dollars a year without changing your lifestyle at all.
  • Doing Chores – I’ve studied household tasks for years to find the best method of completion. You get a short analysis of tasks and the tips on getting them done faster, less often, and with less back pain.
  • Quality of Life – I share simple engineering solutions to many life problems. “Motivation Using Data”, “How To Have The Most Fun”, “Get Skilled At Anything Fast”, and much more.

Efficiency Is Everything – The Blog

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  • Free updates
  • Lifehacks + Tips

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About Michael Kirk

Efficiency is Everything was founded by Michael Kirk. Michael is an engineer with a masters degree from Oakland University’s Industrial Engineering College.with mandy

My chem engineering bachelors ingrained into me Stoichiometry, very intense unit conversions and we played around with Dimensional Analysis. I loved it. Then, I learned about 5S in the factory, how saving seconds adds up. My Industrial Engineering masters taught me, you can apply this anywhere. These reactants came together and formed a product – Efficiency.

After finding solutions to avoiding 100,000 dollars in student loans and finding time to compensate for his 2 hour daily commute, he wants to share what made it possible: Data, tools, and tips for your life.

You will find that his content is applicable. It has helped his family live happier and less stressful lives, which Michael is looking at the possibility of retiring before the age of 30.

Specifically, he uses data driven decision making(researched data, mathematical equations, and personal feedback) to find effective ways to reduce living costs and save time without changing your lifestyle.

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  • Fun Per Dollar App– Using an equation I developed, you can find your best and worst Personalized Fun Per Dollar.
  • Sections From Efficiency Is Everything In Life – Process Flow Diagram for a 6 Minute Morning Routine and Reducing Complexity To Get Extra Time. Engineering concepts, taken, and applied to the home easily.

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