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Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

Efficiency Is Everything is currently the only organization studying Industrial Engineering applied to Life.

There are 3 ways to get more studies faster-

  1. Share your favorite articles
  2. Study your own Industrial Engineering applications and we will showcase them. (Email Us)
  3. Donate to fund more Studies

I put 1,000 engineering hours a year into Efficiency Is Everything, but we have found another option to get engineering studies completed, Interns.

I previously allocated a few thousand dollars into interns because Life Industrial Engineering is incredible and needs to be studied.

More Interns=More Studies

Our interns have completed the Calorie Per Dollar data studies of every restaurant, Caffeine Per Dollar of Coffee Shops, 3 Minute Meals Calories Per Dollar, Dog Food Per Dollar, and Talk, Text, and 4G Data Per Dollar.  They can complete massive amounts of work and complain little.

The New Goal

If we can reach 5,000 dollars, I will match and we can finance 2 interns to work 12 hours a week for 28 weeks completing studies that will help everyone.

The current goal is to raise 5000 dollars to create more studies on Industrial Engineering Life.


Capitalism Or Die

The brutalities of economics are true, even if I don’t want them to be true. Running at a 5-10k USD/yr loss has Capitalism killing Efficiency Is Everything.

Accept and share all content for free, so the most number of people can use it. Wikipedia style, I hope to survive.

Send a good economic signal to Life Industrial Engineering.


Our Interns Accept Bitcoin- 17B763wsGRMXNUV9mP7bFq23P1vjejvNym

Share this with your friends. There are 7 Billion people that can make their life Efficient.