Dibella’s Subs: Cheapest Food Calories Per Dollar

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DiBella’s is the home of the old school submarine. Imagine if all the cultural stereotypes you’d find at Buca Di Bepo decided to open a sub shop with a Goodfellas super-fan. Its a place that’s too Italian for Joe Pesci. Every sandwich seems to be designed with one goal, fill you up. DiBella’s is Americas substitute for having an Italian grandmother.

If you don’t look at value, every sandwich could stand in for a days meal. This is, however, a value evaluation, so strap in.



  • Don’t Do IT
  • The highest calorie per dollar item is the Large Meatball Sub.
  • The highest Protein per dollar item is the Large cowboy sub.
  • The best pick is to go with the Large Cowboy sub.

Ingredients matter. The medium meatball sub is a better value than many of the large subs. This is an important point to remember when evaluating which subs to purchase.

If you’re looking to maximize your dollars spent, nothing can beat home cooking.

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