1 Minute Races, Baby Time Tips, Fast Food Alternatives, Cardio Exercise Per Dollar

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I’m happy to say that we have lots of novel time saving ideas. Maybe that whole ‘be a master with 10 years of practice’ is real. I’ve been doing Industrial Engineering for 9 years now and I have a tool to present this release: 1 Minute Races. See below.

Save Time

(Feature) Stop Trying So Hard And Save Time By Eliminating Overprocessing Waste – Do you know what overprocessing waste is? If not, you are probably wasting and not realizing it. This goes around the home and looks at areas you may be wasting time.

(Feature) Save Time With 1 Minute Races– This is new technology! This tool can be used to drastically cut the time any activity takes. Since discovering this, I look decently presentable when picking up the kids from daycare despite being WFH. (Also, this might be rediscovered technology, the closest I could find was called Single-Minute Exchange of Die)

Create Time With A Baby– A few value added tips that not only improve your life after have a baby, but also give you more time.

Eliminate Baby Waste– Tons of tips on how to apply the 7 forms of waste to getting your baby to toddler.

Save Money

Faster Than Fast Food– Ideas to spend less than 5 minutes per day cooking. Featuring 2 exclusive recipes!

Cost of Exercise Per Year – Looking at various ways to get the heart rate up. I originally called this Exercise Per Dollar, but decided that a per year basis was easier to relate.

(Short)Save $200/yr on Library (audio) books– Don’t bother clicking the link, get a library card, sign up for their online services like Hoopla and Libby.

Final thoughts

Everyone is already using chatgpt right? If you aren’t, that is an easy way to save at least 1 hour per day. I will even recommend the paid ChatGPT4. Practice using it, there might not seem to be a learning curve since its so easy, but your skill with unlock new abilities.

I’ve started thinking about a metric Pleasure/Pain. While this might be able to be measured using neurochemicals and hormones, I think we also can make some sort of personal judgement on these as well. Exchanging rubs with someone costs only time, however adding extra salt to food might even have less pain related costs. I wanted to share this idea, so you can consider this in your own life.

Think throughout the day what tasks can be turned into 1 minute races, its been eye opening how much time you can save when you remove old routines.

Wishing you the best rest of the year. Hope you make goals that help you grow in 2024.
Lead Engineer
Michael Kirk