2022 Vision

Efficiency Is Everything started in 2014. My wife was thrilled after applying Industrial Engineering to save time at home. She recommended I write a book about it. 7 years later we had our first profitable year! If you bought a book, gave a donation, shared an Efficiency Is Everything Article, or told your friends about Efficiency Is Everything- Thank You.

Now I would like to lay out my plan for 2022 and beyond.

The 2022 plan

If you asked me last year what the 2022 plan was, I would have told you: Spend donation money on new articles and use my promised matched money to update old articles with new prices. However with our current inflation, I’m thinking this is going to wait until 2023.

This does not mean 0 new engineering intern studies, if you donate and have an idea, send me an email. I want somewhat stable prices, and 2022 is not the year to do a site wide update on prices.

My plan for 2022 is to explore new ideas.

I want to put most of my efforts into saving time. Last year I completed a first revision of Speed Cooking, and there may be more nuances to explore to cooking food quickly. I am also interested in exploring speed cleaning and various outdoor work that could benefit from Industrial Engineering. Is it possible to speed up those DIY tasks that always take 8x longer than you would expect?

For saving money, I want to get into healthcare costs(if that is possible). I don’t have any desire to solve other money saving problems, we already live absurdly cheap, only healthcare spending gets out of control. However there may be some overlap in a quality topics. Suppose I study household cleaning products or lotions, it will be easy to save money by purchasing items that meet the quality metrics regardless of brand names.

I have that gigantic update to Nutrition per Dollar 3 sitting on the back burner. I’m waiting for my computer to die so I can buy a high powered computer to do a gigantic computation. (Or I’ll figure out a better way)

2023 and beyond

Is saving money a solved problem? Is there nothing more to explore? If so, I see this website pivoting to focus almost entirely on saving time. This is the purpose of Industrial Engineering, saving money is often a byproduct of having extra time.

When I look out to the horizon, I see an obsession to save time and eliminate household chores. Not just lifehacks that save a few minutes, but life changing ideas that will change lives for 7 billion people. Ambitious? Sure, but I really do believe that Speed Cooking has the potential to be revolutionary. What else can be revolutionary?

I’ll leave you with an Industrial Engineering style quote from The Meditations by the Philosopher King Marcus Aurelius: “No Pointless Actions”