8-2-17 post – 1/2 year update

Goal for me is to have an easy article this week. Three topics I want to hit on – The Last 1/2 Year, Your Feedback, and My Time.

6 Month Update

Failures + learning experiences-

  • Over committing goals- 2 hours at the library daily? finishing 25 chapters in a weekend? I need to be realistic.
  • Daily Workout/Daily Drawing/Vegetarian- Daily mile runs… I should get back on that. Daily Drawing has gotten replaced with an other craft. Vegetarian… Its really hard to try new recipes when we already have 28 to cycle through.

Be realistic with time and energy.


  • Weekly Articles- I promised 2 articles a month, and we are getting 1 article a week.
  • Nutrition Per Dollar-is finished. This has untapped potential that I’m looking at for a 2.0 version.
  • Time Studies- Protein Per Second and Shoes Per Hour were fantastic first steps into measuring time.

Every article fascinates me, I can’t wait to see the results of our studies!

Allocate Michael Kirk’s Time

I time out my tasks on my watch to get an idea what I spend time on.

I find a weekly article takes between 5-15 hours per week. Pretty evenly spent between thinking about the problem, collecting the data, and writing an article.

I’ve hired out some studies to engineers and college engineering interns in the hopes of getting more articles done. Well… I end up doing the math for each article, explain data collection methods and standards, and went full editor when it came time to finish the article. I havent saved much time, but we are getting lots of new articles, memes, and videos.

Time Decisions

Would you rather I continue with weekly smaller studies or release a study on complex problems once a month? Next week I’m going to send a survey to decide how I spend my time.

My next 2 complex problems are Food Per Second and Fun Per (Dollar * Second).

Food Per Second requires much time, and many empty stomachs. I took on collecting 2 pieces of data, and I ended up with a breakfast burrito and 5lbs of Chicken. Given the vast ways to prepare, obtain, and consume food, this will be a study of the fastest and most popular methods.

Fun Per (Dollar*Hour) is a theoretical investigation into quantifying Life. Each unit is pretty difficult to deal with, but the math really does work and is useful.

Necessary Time

Final edits on Efficiency Is Everything – In Life.
After 4 years, its finally what I wanted it to be. Easy to read, easy to implement tips applying Lean Manufacturing Principles at home.

I unfortunately spend more time on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter promoting than I spend making content. If you arent growing, you are dying. I’m an engineer, not a marketing expert… Looking to either outsource this or go viral in the future. Consider sharing articles, that way I can spend time on engineering, not business things.

Your Feedback

I’ve gotten mail from you and I get immense joy reading them. I’ve gotten fascination, investigative minds, hilarious applications, and food questions that had me working on improving my website. I really appreciate everyone that emailed me over the last few months. They are the people that inspired me to design, study, analyze and release weekly articles.

Keep an eye out for a survey. The future of this site’s direction will be based on those results.

Okay, calling this post done, let me get to work on more Efficiency. Here are some memes for this week!