Big Efficiency News + How To Start An Efficiency Lifestyle for 2018

First, we have been hard at work studying various restaurants for the best Calories and Protein Per Dollar. If you haven’t visited our Food page, its a comprehensive list of optimizing food. Note: This article is how we eat 99% of our meals.

Hopefully this is every restaurant you would like. Feel free to comment any others you want studied.

It seems Google is starting to pick this up, you can ask ‘The highest Calorie per dollar food’, and it should tell you.

Burger King Per Dollar
Chick-Fil-A Per Dollar
Hardees Per Dollar

White Castle Per Dollar
Wendy’s Per Dollar
Five Guys Calories Per Dollar

Panara Bread Per Dollar
Jimmy Johns Calories Per Dollar
Panda Express Per Dollar

Pizza Per Dollar (Jets, Little Caesars, and more)
Chili’s Per Dollar
Taco Bell Per Dollar
McDonalds Per Dollar

Efficiency News

I don’t like to talk about myself, I really just want to provide you high quality data. However I had people reach out about my absence. Skip ahead for this weeks article.

I’d like to make quality articles rather than hit deadlines. I had been working more than 70 hours a week between Efficiency and my Engineering job. Paying an Intern only made me raise the quality of the articles rather than reduce workload.

I want to spend a few months programming an App that will make Mutual Funds feel like Cash. “Cash” with a 7% yearly return but with an ability to exchange without fees. This isnt cryptocurrency, this is a solution to a problem I had since I worked at a clothing store. I asked my boss if I could be paid in NASDAQs instead of USD- No. USD inflates, Investment provides value. I’m excited to program for a few months, I hope to come back to Efficiency with some new skills.

In addition, we have a team starting a charity, Kids In Kitchens, where we teach 5th graders how to make a no-chop slowcooker meal to feed 5 people for 6 dollars.

I stopped playing video games and started sewing with a focus on fashion. I post my creations on Instagram.

While I take a break, I’d like to set some very reasonable goals to work toward an Efficient Life.

You Need To Be Efficient

“Oh, you really do this in your life?”

My neighbor was shocked when I was telling him about having shelves in our kitchen to reduce time opening and closing cabinets.

While I don’t expect you to remodel your kitchen, I want to you implement major improvements that will pay dividends throughout your life.

Make Life Lazier, Apply Process Flow

Reducing steps in daily routines are something that pays off instantly.

Something like your daily morning routine should be optimized in detail, setting aside time for timed and recorded trial. Either having a partner write down every detail of every step of your routine, or recording and reviewing your routine will give you an opportunity to find waste.

Find steps that do not add value and make it a goal to either remove or reduce that time.

This is something you can do on smaller scales. When cutting food, moving the cutting board and knives closer to the refrigerator. Simply being aware that (movement) Waste is significant will begin to make a serious impact to giving you more free time.

You Know Expensive Foods, Its Time To Change

You know what I’m going to say,

The data has shown over and over that processed foods, frozen, canned, fast food, restaurant food, are not as cost effective as fresh foods.

Could you make it a goal to stop eating out?

3 quick solutions to laziness:

Protein Shakes– Can be made in 1 minute, filling, add some veggies and its a real meal.

Breakfast– Eggs and Breakfast Sausage take me less than 6 minutes to get 1000 calorie.

Bulk Food– We make 6+ servings for 2 people every night. Tupperware!

If you must eat out, limit yourself to only top calorie or protein per dollar items. This is a self-control thing. Eating out isnt going to be healthy, might as well eat it cheap.

Otherwise we eat out for birthdays.

Would you try Biphasic Sleep?

Regardless what time you go to bed or wake up, biphasic sleep can work with almost every lifestyle. Misses Efficiency Wakes up at 6am and takes her nap as late as 9pm. After that, she has a shot of energy and we have 3 hours of productivity, fun, or whatever the situation needs.

Take a look at our sleep articles. Many other users have made the change and say they are not going back.

Save 12 Hours A Week By Taking A Nap- Efficiency Articles

Our First Time Doing Biphasic Sleep + 4 Tips To Fall Asleep Fast
1 Year of Biphasic Sleep Later- Lessons Learned

Testimonials and Tips from other Biphasic Sleepers

Jim’s Experience And Tips on Biphasic Sleep
Jake’s Testimonial on Biphasic Sleep
Warnings- Why Biphasic Sleep Didn’t Work For Hailey and Ryan

Next Steps

I want you to think about your daily life and where there is waste, fix your food (dont be weak), and try something new.

Keep me excited about Efficiency, implement Efficiency in your homes and teach people how to optimize their life.

Check out my favorites from 2017

Save Money Without Shopping For Gas (Applied Secretary Problem)

Water Per Second. Non-trivial amounts of time are spent obtaining water.

Removing Non Value Added Marketing -Essential if you never taken a marketing class

Save Time Eating-Intermittent Fasting

Introducing Fun Per Dollar

Shoes Per Hour

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Update on 2017 and last article for a while

Wanted a update for Efficiency Enthusiasts on whats up.

I can’t do weekly articles, and I’m taking a break for the start of 2018.

I love efficiency, I think about applying Lean Principles every day. I don’t like low quality studies. While I put almost 20 hours a week into various aspects of conducting studies and collecting massive amounts of food data, I want bigger studies that change the world.

My next steps are to finish one last article for 2017, a mashup of unreleased articles that combined will be of significant value.

After that, I’m taking on some personal projects, programming an App, Starting a charity where I’ll be giving a slowcooker with an easy delicious 3$ meal to children, and………… eventually…. thinking about what major study you can benefit from.

Look forward to the article coming up, I wont release it until its incredibly useful.

The Highest Calorie Per Dollar Food In Human History- Oil vs Flour

With only 4 Weekly Updates left for the year my personal goal is for every article to be outstanding. Let me know how I’m doing, I’m always looking to improve.

Reminder that we have a Massive Nutrition Per Dollar Study and the classic Calorie Per Dollar List.

Studying The Highest Calories Per Dollar

Data Collection

Data was collected from various stores, sizes, and brands of different Carbohydrates and Fat.

Despite being bombarded with marketing, we know processed food and fast foods are expensive.

Empty carbs and Jugs of Oil? Those perform well for this metric.

Highest Calories Per Dollar

Take note of how quickly the effectiveness drops off(nonlinear). This is a big deal, especially as something worth 2000 calories per dollar costs 4x as much as your best values.

If you can beat the highest item at 8944 Calories Per Dollar, shoot me a message. The highest value by Christmas will get a copy of Efficiency Is Everything In Life. Send me an email with a photo of the price, Calories, and Servings.


  1. The first ‘edible’ food is Costco’s Rice at 4,800 Calories Per Dollar.
  2. Very few foods at your grocery store exceed 700 Calories Per Dollar
  3. Fast food and Restaurants give closer to 100-200 Calories Per Dollar

Conclusions- Do We Implement This?

Diet Shift

If you currently are eating Pasta or Rice, you are likely averaging about 2000 Calories Per Dollar on those carbs.

A 100% switch to flour(baked goods) would save you about 60 dollars a year. Not exactly worth a gigantic lifestyle change.

Consider it financially healthy to make cookies, fresh bread, and other baked goods*.

*Chocolate chips are expensive, Peanut butter is cheap

Reasonable Supplement

Getting all 2000 calories from Oils or Flour is a disaster waiting to happen.

Lets be reasonable, a ~500 calorie goal. 25% of an average diet.

For 500 Caloires:

Previous Average 700 Calories Per Dollar = 260$ a year
Soybeen Oil = 30$ a year

230$ a year in savings if you supplemented your diet with Costco’s 40lb Jug of Soybean Oil. 11,500$/lifetime

Decision Making

A few hundred dollars a year in savings don’t seem to be worth the lifestyle. However, I can’t blame someone who wants to take the $14,000 dollars in savings over their lifetime.

My Takeaways-

I looked through the data and found I should be buying my Rice from Costco or Aldi. The difference over Walmart hits close to home as it comes out to a very real 180$/year extra expense.

Soybean Oil was scary

I looked into Canola Oil, and their wikipedia page suggested it is decent. I am going to begin incorporating Canola Oil instead of Veg and Olive Oil when possible.

I’ll be using more Canola in my life.

Ideas for more Canola Oil:


I used to do make a similar shake when I was bulking for weight lifting. I used 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16oz milk, and 1 scoop protein.

Here I suggest similar, but instead use 1 Tbsp of Corn Oil. Shake up and drink.


Lunch and dinner are easy. Oils add a pleasurable mouth-feel in food. Your body is constantly looking for this long term energy storage and has developed to enjoy the smoothness of fats.

You can add this to everything, Alfredo sauce, coat cooked chicken/meats, mix with a salad, mix into fried rice, heck- you can supplement fast food/restaurants by dipping your food in Oil.


Try swapping or supplementing canola oil in some recipes.

I don’t recommend doing this with butter, butter has flavor that is desired.

Time To Decide- Engineer Your Lifestyle

Engineers collect the data and decide the best course based on ability to meet specifications, cost, and time requirements.

You decide what requirements your food needs, make a decision, and optimize.

Reminder that we have a Massive Nutrition Per Dollar Study and the classic Calorie Per Dollar List.

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Aldi, Walmart, Costco, and More Grocer Comparison + Never Shop At Kroger Again

Seeing a deal vs Calculating a deal

Aldi will bring you in for loss leaders on Eggs, but their green peppers are 2x more expensive than Walmart. Which is more cost effective?

Typically we have used Calories Per Dollar, but there is nothing wrong with using other metrics. Rather than see which way a broccoli company rounded on protein nutrition, we will compare mass/$.

Process Notes:

Bulk sizes and store-brand were chosen when available.

We look at

Cost – Mass Per Dollar
Quality- Availability
Quality- Worker Pay

We did not look at: Self Checkout, Greeter Presence, and ‘Singing Employees’. My advice here- Don’t be weak. Basic human interaction is good for you. Consider it exercise.

Grocery Store Comparison

To Continue:

A common theme will be seen today, despite claiming to lower prices, Kroger was our worst performing store.

Aldi and Meijer did not have fresh broccoli available. We track this in a later section.

The size of the packaging didn’t matter to Aldi, who despite being 5lbs lighter was the cheapest place to get brown sugar.

Kroger looks to have a loss leader on butter. Costco does not seem to be the place to buy your weekly groceries.

When I go to Aldi, I usually limit myself to Eggs and Milk. Greek Yogurt hits 40g of protein per dollar at Aldi. This is exceptionally high and a recommendation.(Note, I haven’t tasted it)

Costco and Sams Club were recorded with their almost nauseating 3lbs of canned tuna. This does not reseal, and possibly intended for restaurants. This is more expensive than Walmart and Aldi consumer sizes. Aside from the membership fees, wholesale seems more like a Marketing tactic rather than bulk bargins.

Introducing Effectiveness

Efficiency is measured as Metric/Cost. Effectiveness is measured Metric/Maximum.

Aldi, Costco, Walmart, and Samsclub are all above 95% Effective. You aren’t losing that much going from store to store. However Meijer under 50% would be an awful place to frequently purchase flour.

Can you go into Aldi and Walmart with a smile and create a positive aura?

Sams Club is often close to the price of their own store, Walmart.

On many items we found it was significantly more expensive to get the Sams Club product.

While my original statement was a bit drastic(considering it was inspired by the fall of Carthage), I don’t see a reason to maintain a membership at Sams Club.

Thought this was interesting. Want that peanuty flavor? Peanut butter is 2x more effective than peanuts.

I’ve noticed this reoccurring, massive bulk packaging saves around 30% of the cost. That is the highest possible amount you can save from Costco and Sams Club. The top item was a 50lb bag of pinto beans. Despite my urge to believe I need commercial sized quantities of food, the savings on this 50lb bag is only 10 dollars, and in 2 years the food will have expired.

Oh Kroger…

Home Stretch

This looks quite odd, however, my Walmart and Aldi lack a variety of produce, their only Spinach was precut in packaged bags. The lesson here- Packaging is expensive, if you can avoid it, you will save money.

Walmart kicks butt on sugar. Wholesale doesnt benefit you for going big.

Aldi had a crazy loss leader, a bag of sweet potatoes for a dollar. I didn’t believe it, so it was the item I purchased to confirm, they gave you a multi-pound bag of sweet potato for 1 dollar.

Fish prices vary drastically by store.

Tortillas seem to be similar from store to store.

This week everyone had a sale on Turkey. It seems Walmart and Aldi are not having difficulty bringing people in. The protein per dollar is deceptively high due to using the weight of bird=weight of edible meat in this math.

More interested in the Calories per Dollar, Pasta seems to have gone down in price in the last few years. My goal for ’empty white carbs’ is around 2000 calories per dollar. I’ve gotten crazy deals on cereal close to that amount, and I usually stock up. At 2000 calories per dollar, anything is a pretty good buy. Walmart 1$ knockoff girl scout cookies often meet this criteria.

Raw Data can be found here.

Comparing Workers Wages

Really Kroger? Really?

Your decision if this matters to you. It doesnt seem like any grocery store pays well.

Variety and Cleanliness

From our list we found Costco, Aldi, and Sams Club did not have many of the items we were looking for.

How to Shop

Sams Club

Don’t shop at Sam’s Club.


Don’t shop at Costco.


Aldi is great for a few products, however, keep an eye out for massively expensive products. IE: If chicken breasts are 1$/lb more than other stores.


They have a massive variety of groceries at low costs. I recommend them for low cost fresh food and produce.


Meat costs were low. With protein being expensive, Meijer surprised me and will have a new customer. Warning to keep an eye out for expensive products.


Never again, and you should tell your friends.

Why Kroger?

How does a company pay their employees so poorly and have such uncompetitive food prices? Their target demographic will pay more. Flashy signs claiming low prices, clean store, a name that isnt ‘Walmart’. Upper Middle class people routinely go to Kroger without knowing how bad costs are.

Try eliminating Kroger, it will take a few weeks to learn a new grocery store, but your weekly savings will be noticeable.

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Completely Cut The Cord- Save Thousands By Replacing Cable Internet With Hotspots

Do you like the Newsletter format? Or should we go back to Article only?

Moved into our new half million dollar mortgage this week. First home ownership already has me thinking of topics like: Saving Time On Lawns and Landscaping, Thermodynamics of Heating a home, Quality Metrics of Patios, Moving items upstairs using Buffers… and we’ve only been living there 4 days.

Home Ownership Efficiency Incoming

Jimmy John’s Calories and Protein Per Dollar– Optimize your Order, pick the best bread.

If you have been thinking about trying biphasic sleep, take a look at our new Sleep Section. Our implementation to save 12 hours a week plus anecdotes and tips from others that have made the change and ‘won’t be going back’.

Heads up on a ‘non engineering’ article coming up. Finance/Investing. I feel almost irresponsible for not discussing this in the past. Investing can take money today and make it worth 7x as much in the future without any extra effort. I’ll go through the math and focus on quality metrics. There will be no affiliate plugs, just math and some notes about my own investments.

Cutting the Cord, The Next Generation

I’ve heard the term ‘Cut the Cord’, the big middle finger to Cable companies for annoying introductory rates.

Replacing Cable TV with alternatives. This was studied earlier this year. This still requires using the Cable company for internet service.

Next, We remove cable companies from your home using Hotspots.

Premise- Meeting Quality Specifications

Internet needs to provide:

  • Netflix
  • Video Games- MMORPGs(I suppose its 2017, so MOBAs?)
  • Multiple users Googling
  • Youtube

Or whatever you need. You decide your quality specifications.

These specifications achievable through Comcast and AT&T internet. If Comcast is 5 dollars cheaper than AT&T, and they both hit all quality specifications, spending $5 extra dollars a month for AT&T would be Overprocessing Waste.

You are paying extra money and not getting value.

If Hotspots can meet those specifications, you can make the change without noticing any change.

Testing Hotspot Technology

Steps to Test:

  1. Turn on your phone’s Hotspot.
  2. Change your home internet to your new Wifi
  3. Test connectivity to your favorite websites
  4. Test Video Streaming Services. All of them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Test Video Games
  6. Make a decision if the internet speed met your expectations

Upon finishing our testing, Tmobile’s LTE was a suitable replacement for our needs. Our plan is about 60$/month for 1 phone’s service, which we also write off as a business expense in taxes. (hmmm… Might have to write about tax writeoffs…)

Next Steps

You need to conduct your own test. Try it tonight, make sure you plug in your phone for charging.

Very quickly we found that Hotspot technology met all of our expectations. Cancel your $50+/month cable bill. If your service is good enough, you won’t notice the difference… except for saving hundreds of dollars a year.


Make the change to Hotspots, optimize your money!

Get the latest Efficiency articles to save time and money applying Industrial Engineering

Learn more Efficiency to improve your daily life.

Expand your Efficiency

Get more Efficiency to improve your daily life. Subscribe and get three slow cooker recipes designed to be low cost, quick and healthy.

Theory: Identifying the 7 Forms of Waste

We are moving this week, no Tips video this week as everything is packed(which inspired this article, I’m Anti-Packing).

Last week, Nolan requested Panda Express studied for Calories Per Dollar. To my surprise Panda Express appears significantly more expensive than I’d ever imagine.

Finally, I want to announce after years of revisions, Efficiency Is Everything- In Life is exactly what I dreamed of.

The original word draft will be given away free, but we have created a Beautiful Coffee Table Book. Originally designed to be an Automotive “1 pager”, I settled for 4 pages. 2 easy to implement title pages full of tips, then 2 pages of math, data, and engineering. This will be available for purchase 11-22-17.

At this point, you understand the concept of using Industrial Engineering Principles on the home. The intended purpose of this website is to teach fundamentals of Industrial Engineering to everyone, so it can be applied to home. I want to set occasional weeks aside for teaching the methods used by Industrial Engineers. You are the expert of your own life, once you learn the tools, you will be able to apply them.

While we live on 19,000 dollars a year, the goal isn’t to be cheap. The goal is to live life and to meet our specifications. Allocating time and money resources optimally to hit defined qualities.

There are only 2 sections this week, The Concepts, and Tips By Example. The first section puts a significant emphasis on the concept, while the second is application. As you read through the first section, take the time to think about where you have this in your own life.

The Concept- Forms of Waste


In The Factory- The movement of products. Transportation from one factory to another, transportation moving a product from one assembly line station to another, packaging the product, and moving it. Two major notes to remember about transportation-

  1. The customer doesn’t get value out of transportation
  2. Transportation is one of the largest forms of waste

At Home- Moving yourself, essential items for living, and non-essential items.


In The Factory- Raw materials sitting around costing extra warehouse space. Money spent on unused material that could otherwise be invested until additional material is needed.

In The Home- Bulk purchases can often mean buying too much causing expiration or storing it for a long time.


In The Factory- While transportation is movement, motion is the action. A machine having to open and close for each cycle is Motion waste.

At Home– Looking for a tool while performing a taste is a non value added movement. Adjusting a shirt that is getting ironed is Motion waste. You want to be ironing the shirt, not moving and flattening in the preparation of the ironing process.


In The Factory- Huge form of waste, although it can be spotted quite easily. Machines not performing actions, Humans on their cellphones.

At Home- Waiting for other people to ‘Get Ready’, waiting for water to boil or food to cook. If the waiting is significant, multi-tasking is popular. If waiting during a home task is repetitive, it may be worth optimizing. Although we have phones now, that makes waiting more enjoyable.

Over Processing

Think of Over Processing as “Trying too hard”.

In The Factory– This is irresponsibly exceeding quality expectations. If you are making white lights, creating a light that also changes colors is an unnecessary expense. If you are making a smooth bowl, you might go above and beyond to make the bowl smoother than needed. This costs time and money that could otherwise be passed down to the customer.

At Home- Imagine if you spent all day making a french cuisine for your in-laws, only to find out they are Ohio State fans 😛

Or if you enjoy offbrand 3$ Moscato, buying a more expensive brand because its ‘nicer’. As long as 3$ Moscato meets quality expectations, the extra expense is waste.

Over Production

In The Factory- Making more products than needed. Consider the effects of making 2x more product that is immediately needed. Those products need to be Transported, put in Inventory, and wait to be bought. If your customer changes their buying habits or product specifications, you will be left with Inventory you cannot sell.

At Home- Bulk preparation is fine, as long as its used. If you ever meal prepped so much food that you got sick of it, or it expired, you have over produced.


In The Factory- Defects mean:

  1. Reworking defects out of a product
  2. Scrapping a product

Reworking takes time, often takes material, and is an interruption to a fluid process. Scrapping is the complete loss of product, disposing of the time and material used to create that process.

At Home- Remember that defects must be severe enough to cause extra processing. If you can eat slightly burnt food, that meets quality expectations. If you cut off the burnt part or throw away a batch of burnt food, this is an example of dealing with defects. Defects can also happen on processes, like doing your hair or setting the temperature on your shower.

Examples- Tips To Reduce Waste In Your Life


Transportation is such a gigantic and frequent waste, even drinking water can be optimized to save over 1000 hours in your lifetime.

Transportation is often a repeatable, daily occurrence. I’ve conducted time studies to optimize my route to work. Saving 6 minutes per trip to work adds up to an entire hour a week.

Consider Why you are moving around the house. A spaghetti diagram can be used to visualize transportation during a routine. For this, draw your home layout, put your pen down at a starting point, and dont lift until you finish the routine. Overlap of lines are opportunities to consolidate actions.


Buying/renting too much space. The worst offender is Cash. Having USD means losing value every year to inflation. I havent talked about investment, but I should start. I personally recommend a blend of liquid assets(stocks), tax advantaged accounts(401k and IRA), cryptocurrency, and gold.

Also consider renting things instead of buying. A quarter million dollar mortgage on a vacation home gives you the ability to visit the location of your home. Could that quarter million dollars be spent on vacations ‘Just In Time’? The potentials of investment and constantly changing world makes buying things only when needed very valuable.


It would be a waste of water to clean a car from the wheels to the top. Shuffling through boxes trying to find a tool is waste. Watching water heat up to a boil. These might be difficult to solve immediately, but knowing the waste means thinking toward long term solutions.


While everyone waits, I want to point out a life changer-

Clean while you cook. As you cook dinner, put away dishes, wipe off dirty pans while they are still hot, throw away packaging from ingredients. Do this while you wait for water to boil or while meats and veggies are cooking. Find time, but make sure food doesnt burn.

While waiting, I have a cocktail of information from Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit. Making the most of this down-time.

Over Processing

Quality is the ‘name of the game’.

How low cost and quick can you live? Can you live off flour? Or do you need a hearty meal of vegetables for your nutrition and sanity?

Tying shoes is a preventable waste. However, if you want to be faster than a shoe horn, you would need to sacrifice style for slip-ons. Do you need nicer shoes to meet a social status?

Consider what is needed, not what your income can afford. If you want a phone with a nice camera, look up phones with great cameras, THEN compare by price. Often people buy the latest iPhone without any research into competitor quality.

Apple Soapbox- I find Apple products a terrible value. Their phones are relatively slow compared to the competition, however iPhones have a fantastic camera. The cost for the phone dwarfs other phones with fantastic cameras. Further limited Apps and no widgets make me wonder what quality metrics people are paying for. The Apple Logo?

Over Production

Buying in bulk can be deceptive. You will often consume more, faster. Think of what happens when you buy a 2L of soda. Or 1750ml of liquor.

This could also be buying things ahead of needing them. You might think you need to buy a dog leash because its on sale, and someday, you might own a dog. However there is a very real risk of losing the leash, it consuming space in your home, motivating you to buy a larger home.


If defects are common, checklists can be used to prevent re-work. This can be used to make sure you leave your room with all the clothing items needed for the day, or make sure you have your lunch, ID, and laptop before going to work.

Starting the shower too hot or cold puts you at high risk for a defect in your morning routine. Solve this by Error Proofing your shower.

Think About Waste

As you do chores around the house, think about moving around, think about expectations. Can you find ways to save seconds on a process or save money on things you enjoy?

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The Math To Throwing Parties Efficiently – Appetizers, Food, Oz Liquid Drinks, Alcohol, Per Dollar

With the holidays’s coming up, you can save money on throwing your own party understanding the cost breakdown of throwing parties. Article idea courtesy of Brooke.

New for 11-1-17:

Week 2 Video + 4 solutions to avoid wasting money on fast food

For Arby’s Fans, Calories And Protein Per Dollar– For cheaper and healthier- Nutrient Per Dollar Study.

Last Chance to join our 2 Hours Per Week Workout for free. 12 others have signed up to transform, its only 2 hours a week.


All food recommendations ahead are mostly out of time necessity. If you have time, you can likely save money by making homecooked hipster foods. Your friends will like it better too.

Party Essentials

Throwing a party should focus on the people, not the features. However, without food and drinks, parties teeter out, making providing these a necessity.

Paper Plates, Cups, and Napkins

The following two are full studies that I found fascinating to run.

Paper Plates, Plastic Cups, and Plastic Forks were studied last year. We found the prices so cheap, I was afraid releasing the article would cause massive pollution.

Regarding Cleanup- Paper Towels and Napkins Per Dollar

All Raw Data For This Article- Click Here

Drinks For Thirst

This is one of those ‘Quantity over Quality”. Although, if your goal is to quench your thirst, Quantity is your Quality.

Drinks For Drunk

Old Article, Ethanol Per Dollar. The list below is different, more party-centric.

This has a bit of variety and can give you a scale to understand how much alcohol comparatively costs to one another.

Bread and Circuses, Feeding The Masses

Starting with food, Appetizers are a warmup as a party gets started. It also saves the evening of someone who forgot to eat.

Note that home cooked foods dominate the top of the list. Filler carbs performed well too.

Eggs were on sale causing the Protein Per Dollar to skyrocket. As an aside, eggs are a fantastic value, especially as grocery stores like Aldi and Walmart fight for the lowest cost carton of eggs. Keep an eye out of sales on commodities(milk, bread, meat, etc…), they are actually deals. Sales on Name Brand products are advertisements, not efficient.

Frozen foods like bagel bites performed poorly. As a recommendation, if you are going to spend that much money, get a veggie tray.

Catered food?

I was originally going to compare catered food, but after 6 restaurants, I found the prices were high and the quality wasnt comparable. The cheapest I found was Pizza, and as you spend closer to 10-15 dollars a person, you will get banquet level food.

Major Food Solutions

Need dinner amounts of food? I’m a big fan of cooking. The most difficult aspect here is cooking massive amounts of food at a single time. Pasta with sauce, slow cooker pulled pork, meatballs, etc.. are all cost friendly options.

Look for deals this winter on meats. Last year I found Turkey for almost 1.00$/lb. In the past, I’ve found Ham on sale as well.


For a house party, we like to visit Wikipedia This Day In History, and throw a party about the event. Telling everyone to wear a single color, make funny related games, and naming appetizers is a cheap way to add some Culture to the party.

DIY custom banners are significantly cheaper than a professional custom banner. Your call if a generic Happy Birthday Banner is worth the price. Consider the event before impulsively buying dollar store decorations. Your party should have life without tacky generic decoration.

If you must, garage sales, thrift shops, and dollar stores can fill up your home with decoration.


While I’m not a fan of board games, having friends bring board games can be a free way to keep people entertained. However, I’m repulsed by board games, I’d much rather wander around talking to party-goers.

Background music is a free MUST. It sets the mood of the party, use it for Good.

I’m a big fan of twister.


Lots of information this week, but here are my takeaways:

  • The more DIY, the lower the cost.
  • Food is cheap, Alcohol is more expensive. Catered food is more expensive than Alcohol.
  • If friends are offering, have them bring their favorite drink instead of food
  • Parties are often lower cost than visiting a restaurant or going to a bar
  • All of my parties will now include peanuts 😛

Other tips:

Don’t forget Ice, Utensils, Mini Umbrellas, Ice, Lemons, Limes, and Ice. Don’t forget ice.

Let me know what you think, how else can you optimize a party?

High Per Dollar – The Data – Legal vs Pharma vs Illegal Drugs.

Disclaimer: This is a study, may the data be used for Good.

New This Week

Failed Biphasic Sleep Experiment – Haley’s Q&A

First Efficiency Challenge – You will save money, take it on!

Fun Fact, The Definition of Efficiency (Wikipedia):

Efficiency is often measured as the ratio of useful output to total input, which can be expressed with the mathematical formula r=P/C, where P is the amount of useful output (“product”) produced per the amount C (“cost”) of resources consumed.

Product Per Cost Of Various Drugs- Data Collection

The data gathered for this study was from peers, it varies by region, person, etc… however the data came out to be significantly more consistent than expected. Hours High Per Dollar seems to come out on an exponential scale rather than linear. This made it forgiving for price differences.

Drug should be pretty straight forward, Situation is how its consumed. IE: 5 Cups of coffee, 1 (one time use), Average Smoker(daily). Duration was close to the average, and rounding up/down taking into consideration half-life and order of reaction.

Remember all of this is user data, if you would like to contribute data, leave a comment and I’ll get it updated.

Hours High Per Dollar

Caffeine Vs Everybody

Warning Caffeine kicks butt. I’m not impartial, I drink 5 Cups of Caffeine a day.

Appetite suppressant, nootropic, and highest High Per Dollar. Caffeine is the best drug, relatively safe, and wildly accessible.

The accessibility of caffeine means many forms of getting the drug. While I used drip coffee, even an expensive trip to a Fast Coffee Shop is lower cost than many alternatives.

Now, Caffeine might not make you forget your existence and decide to live the rest of your life as an Orange- but it can be powerful.

Even with a high tolerance, 5 cups of coffee during work hours will have me focused, excited, and jittery. Plus, who knows, maybe questioning your own existance on psychoactive drugs could be a bad idea. Then again, it is possible to die from caffeine, so- use this data for Good.

Other Oddities

A few things to point out:

  1. Hard Drugs are Bad, mmk? Heroin and Cocaine are not very good deals for occupying time
  2. Weed appears lower cost than Alcohol on a “One Off” bases and an addictive habitual use
  3. Prescription drugs vary drastically by type
  4. Your best deal for a daily habit is Caffeine, then Weed, then Alcohol, then Nicotine, then hard drugs.

If there is any interest in deeper studies like a more comprehensive Nicotine or Prescription drug study, comment. My drug use is limited to daily caffeine, alcohol, weed, and occasionally Kava Tea.

Can this be used for Good?

I’m unsure what problems this study can solve.

Could the math behind this encourage better government policy toward drugs?

Could this be used by addicts to attempt to replace an expensive drug with a safer and lower cost alternative?

Any ideas how this data can be used for good?

Nutrients Per Calorie – Math Proves The Healthiest Lowest Calorie Foods

Thinking of turning this into a newsletter since getting user contributions. Let me know what you think of this format.

Efficiency Memes. The Efficiency Memes from Facebook have been uploaded!

Entrepreneur and Engineer, Dan Engerer has been doing Triphasic sleep for over a year. This saves him 20 hours a week.

Sign Up Free for the 2 hour workout/week. This is how me and Misses Efficiency get our bods.

From idea to completion. Sewed Misses Efficiency a dress.

Interested In Nutrient Dense Food? You arent alone.

Matt commented on 10-6-17 that he wanted to see this augmented nutrition per dollar with mass.

The Nutrition Per Dollar table has been updated to include this measurement. You can download the raw data here.

Instead of dozens of pictures, if you are curious how to get the most vitamin A per Calorie, use the excel file and sort.

The Math- Dividing By Max To Remove Dimensions

The units were a bit daunting, ie: (micrograms of Folate Per gram of food)

We removed the dimensions-

Rank= Nutrient Per Gram / Best(max) Nutrient Per Gram

For example:

We then add the nutrients that the USDA provided. Summed up…

Nutrients Per Gram Ranked

This is probably most useful for hikers who are trying to limit the weight of food.

Nutrients Per Calorie Ranked

This was my real fascination, what are the most nutrient dense foods per calorie?

This is what many people would consider ‘The Healthiest Foods’.


Fresh Green Veggies top the list of highest Nutrients Per Calorie.

Peanuts and Almonds are relatively light weight and are packed with Nutrients.

Fortified foods like Cereal and Flour scored high in Nutrient Per Gram, but low in Nutrient Per Calorie.

Anything shown on the list is in the top 30% of foods studied, if your goal is to maximize, consume more foods on the list.

Draw Your Own Conclusions With The Raw Excel Data

Let me know what you think of this newsletter format.

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Water Per Second – Save 1400 Hours In Your Lifetime Optimizing Water Transportation

EDIT-This article is in need of an update

It was discovered waterbottles created a massive amount of trash and at least doubled the amount of time originally estimated. A gallon waterbottle is the new conclusion and the article will be updated in the future.

I first started writing this article and completely expected this to be a silly study like Capsaicin Per Dollar. I find it fun to play with math, so why not:

3 Things I didn’t consider before starting:

  1. Everyone must consume water, no exceptions. Ever.
  2. This is a non-trivial task that is difficult for any animal. We have plumbing.
  3. Water consumption happens daily, multiple times. This adds up over days, years, and lifetimes.

How to Save Time Drinking Water – The Data

Note: The time study was a single n=1 study. While exact oz/s will vary from situation to situation, everyone has similar situations. Transportation is often one of the largest hidden sources of waste, and it was found to be true for water.

Download Raw Data

Thoughts About The Data

Water dispenses out at pretty similar rates, with low flow water outlets being slightly slower.

Transportation is your largest waste of time. Having to fill 8 glasses of water a day adds up. Our goal will be to reduce transportation time.

The data is showing the advantages of leaving large cases of disposable water at your final destination. Despite having to walk down the isle at a grocery store, unpack the water from your vehicle, and dispose of water bottles, there are time savings over filling up your own water.

I bought my first case of water to conduct this study and my first thoughts on disposable water bottles as a product-

  • I lift weights and carrying water was seriously heavy
  • Both sides of the packaging ripped due to the heavy weight
  • In a single evening, I had 3 pieces of trash on my desk

Consider this could be my bias against environmentally harmful habits, but the time savings over Gallon Water Bottles is minor.

The Solution- Refillable Gallon Water Bottles

To visualize why Gallon Water Bottles are so effective at getting you water, consider how far away you are from a water source.

Making a round trip 8 times a day adds up to minutes per day, hundreds of hours in your life. Transportation waste is the largest time consumer. Optimize the tool for storing water to get 128 oz of water. Compared to 8oz cups of water, this is 16x less transportation. The largest time sink. Pareto?

We have been running with This water bottle for about 5 years.

Its big. You cannot feed this to a baby. There will be a day you spill this on you. Since water is pretty forgiving, I don’t mind it. Especially at 2am when you wake up needing water, in your mouth, right away. Disclaimer- As long as you arent stupid with it, it wont leak. After 5 years of use… We have… Trunk of Car…

Other 1 Gallon Options-

Drink out of gallon milk style containers? Not bad, but we did have one leak after a few months of use.

What About A Hose?

We are working on adding a hose for the new house. I highly recommend it, but apparently suburban culture isnt a big fan of hoses coming down from living room ceilings.

Will take pictures when its complete and beautified for suburban living rooms.

This has me visualizing a closet sized bathroom next to the couch… Living Room Urinal? The unfortunate part is that Misses Efficiency actually encourages this. I just need to decorate it up for the moms 😛

Go Increase The Volume Of Your Drinking Container- You will notice the time savings immediately

Thank you for sharing

I’ve noticed an increase in sharing my links and showing their friends. It freed me to focus on articles over the last month. Thanks!

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Expand your Efficiency

Get more Efficiency to improve your daily life. Subscribe and get three slow cooker recipes designed to be low cost, quick and healthy.