The Efficient, No Effort Way To Cook Pinto Beans- 80g Protein Per Dollar

Efficiency- Michael: Lazy Food

Have you ever eaten pinto beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

I did once. Or a few times.

Pinto beans are absurdly easy to cook, throw them in a slow cooker with water. Wait ~8 hours, and its cooked.

Yep, its that easy.

  1. Put water in a slow cooker(~3 cups per 1 cup pinto beans)
  2. Add pinto beans to slow cooker(keep an eye out for small stones, I have found a few in my lifetime)
  3. Turn it on low, put a lid on, and wait ~8 hours

When its done, eat it.

Strain out the Pinto Beans, put in a container, add salt and cheese.

These make low cost, high protein, and fast lunches for the whole week. 1 minute in the microwave and you are eating food.

If we don’t have leftovers, I’ll often do Lentils for breakfast, Pinto Beans for lunch, and make a fresh dinner.

Try Pinto Beans. Low Cost and Time Efficient, if you don’t like it, you didn’t waste much of either!

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