Credit Card 5% cash back this Q4, 2% cashback always- free money IF YOU PAY ON TIME

No affiliates here, just excitement that I saved 2% on $10,000 dollars on our medical bills(24 hours in the hospital when Mandy gave birth).

WAIT! You must pay your credit card back on time

Disclaimer, you only save money if you pay your balance off before the bill is due. If you don’t, the credit card company wins.

These incredible savings exist to tempt you to overspend. Have you ever been unable to pay off a credit card? If so, you might want to exit this article because the deal is tempting. If you have learned your lesson, ‘never again’, these savings might be worth it.

I’m excited about 5% at Walmart and Amazon, 2% everywhere

To make it clear that I’m not some shill for credit card companies, you will have to google which credit cards I’m discussing. However I wanted to give you some ideas which products I’m spending 5% on. (Thanks to a few people who contacted me with ideas)

The 5% cash back at some stores

>Christmas Presents

>Backup Harddrive

>Battery Backup/Generator

>Basement flooring

>Air Filters (for the home furnace and for the car)


>Materials for our charity

These I can all buy with this 5% cash back and generally don’t have an expiration date. (or I was going to buy anyway)

2% on everything

Here are some items that I can’t get 5% cash back on, but I get 2% cash back on everything-

>Home utilities (Gas, Electric, Internet)




>Fast food(on vacations, otherwise we eat at home)

>And everything else

Don’t overspend! Don’t overspend

Wrapping up this article that is likely common knowledge, I just want to remind you that if you do not pay off your credit card, you lose the game. The credit card company wins. So, don’t overspend.

Definitely consider these credit cards, as long as you can handle yourself.