Efficiency Is Coming Back


Its been a while, and I have missed you.

I took time off to program my own ‘world-changing-startup-app’ and yes, things are changing.

However, I couldn’t possibly get Efficiency out of my life. The ideas, the problems, emails, all have been exciting to think about. There are problems to solve, and I’m ready to study.

But first, interns. For 15$/hr, interns will do pretty much anything. They have been busy all summer collecting data.

We will be releasing the Calories Per Dollar and Protein Per Dollar of every fast food and restaurant. Google Calories per dollar and a restaurant, we will have data on it. Our goal: the ultimate food tool and more. This is all of them, and if your favorite restaurant has more than 50 locations let me know.

But please- reminder, Nutrients Per Dollar is how we eat. All of those restaurants are expensive.

This was a crowd pleaser, and I’ve admittedly used the data. Interns have been an incredible experience. They come in pretty useless but they leave thinking. I’m impressed with what these kids accomplished and I’m excited to share it.

Each of the interns had a final project of their choice, they did really good.

So… Timeline

October… 3rd. Dates are good.

What to Expect

Time savings studies. Cosmetic Optimizations- everyone has a morning routine.

Cell Phone Talk Per Dollar, Text Per Dollar, 3G Per Dollar 4G/LTE Per Dollar. I was unhappy Tmobile lied about their UNLIMINTED plan. Fighting back with math.

Interesting food discoveries from the last 7 months.

A new drive to creating objective data that applies to human life and its optimization. (And now we have interns!)

And I had hinted things are changing… Personally I’ve gotten new programming abilities doing full stack react native javascript and laravel php. I fell in love with programming, and I decided to automate ~15% of day job. My coworkers have literally laughed. And… I’m prototyping a dinnertable dishwasher that cleans and sets itself. So yeah, if you want website features or efficiency apps, let me know.

Get hype, Efficiency is coming back 10-3-18, 10am Eastern.

Btw, new email provider because there are over 2000 subscribers. If a few people could shoot me a message to confirm they received this and it looked okay, I’d appreciate it. There is a possibility your email was lost, check with your friends to see if they received this as well.