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I am Michael Kirk, the Engineer in charge of Efficiency Is Everything.

Here are the 3 no chop slowcooker recipes that we developed to teach 5th graders how to cook low cost, healthy food. We eat these recipes at least weekly, they are delicious!

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The goal is to create a wikipedia style knowledge base of Industrial Engineering principles at home. Everyone saves time, saves money, and improves quality of life. Similar to wikipedia, always free.


We want to share it with everyone for 7,000,000,000 people’s benefit. Not to mention, saving time and money benefits us too. We want to create as much knowledge on Industrial Engineering for Life at home. Support us by donating more studies or sharing with your friends.

Some favorite articles I would highly recommend,

The Nutrition Per Dollar study was eye opening for understanding the vegetables and fruits in the grocery store. The Food page has everything you need to know about food optimization.

Some immediately useful articles that will save you time, Protein Per Second , Watch Media Faster, and Biphasic Sleep. After 3 years of using Biphasic Sleep, I will never go back. 20 minute nap AND you save 12 hours a week sleeping.

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Michael Kirk