Speed Cooking, Double Productive Friendship, Save Time Watching Kids With Montessori, Gatorade, Protein Powder Per Dollar 2022 Q1

Should be something for everyone this quarter, time saving and money saving articles.

New Time Saving Book

Speed Cooking ($35) – New book! More of a guidebook than a cookbook. This is how to spend less than 2 minutes per day actively cooking food. It is crazy fast, however I’ll admit the food is only as good as many premade spices or premade sauce jars you get in the grocery store. I wouldn’t make these recipes for your in-laws. If you just graduated from college and are making food for the first time, this is going to be the best book you ever bought.

Is $35 expensive for a 12,500 word book? Consider that you can save 120 hours in the first year of owning this book. Would you pay $0.30 for an extra hour of time? A separate calculation saving 40 minutes per day using the recipes 3.5 days per week, for 6 years would save you 730 hours. $0.05 per hour. That’s 125x better than hiring a US minimum wage worker.

Time Saving Articles

Double Productive Friendship – As much as I enjoy my friends, my responsibilities were causing me to become a hermit. My solution was to combine necessary activities with friendship.

Save Time Watching Kids With Montessori Style Parenting – Instead of watching your kids, let them be independent in a curated environment. Its good for their development, or at least Maria Montessori and her followers believe so. I mostly agree.

6 Year of Biphasic Sleep – Back to 6 hours per night of sleep as our infant is now sleeping through the night.

Save Money

Homemade Gatorade/Pedialyte Down To The Milligram – Tastes like the real stuff, works for rehydration/sports/hangovers. Using Stoichiometry, I have a formula that is more accurate than any SEO spam I found on Google.

Protein Powder Per Dollar 2022 – Inflation is here, and I was curious what the cheapest protein powder was. Check out the update with a few new brands evaluated.

Business Updates

We are profitable!!! For the first time in our 7 year history Revenue was greater than Expenses. Thank you to everyone who donated or bought a book, it made Efficiency Is Everything a legitimate business according to the taxman. More Efficiency Is Everything to come. See our 2022 vision here.

Leaving you with a Stoic quote from Marcus Aurelius: ‘When you are bothered by things, remind yourself “I’m giving in to pain”‘.
Wish you the best,
Lead Engineer
Michael Kirk

Double Productive Friendship – Multitasking In The Best Ways

This one seems controversial among my friends, so be wise with how you announce it.

Since going full Stoic last year and dedicating all of my time to projects, I’ve decided I cannot just hang out with friends for pleasure. However, I still believe hanging out with friends is the right thing to do. I have made it a requirement for us to do more than sit around and chat. The goal here is to have much needed conversations and knock out necessities. Never again can someone say ‘I’m too busy’. These are necessities in life, why not do them in good company?

Here are some of the ways I’ve made spending time with friends double productive.


Cooking with friends is a way to try new foods from your friend’s recipes, experiment with something new, or do a labor intensive recipe that you wouldn’t otherwise do. Hanging out with my friend taught me about how Indian food is made(layer lots of individual groups of flavors rather than mixing everything together). Another time we experimented with sashimi grade Tuna to make our first raw homemade sushi with my ‘high roller’ friends. Finally my favorite is to put everyone to work on a time consuming food such as ravioli, dumplings, spring rolls, or pierogies.


We currently do this in two forms. 2 times a week we lift with the same gym crew. Seeing someone for 2 hours a week for 6-9 months turns you into forever friends, its very rewarding. (This is the 2 hour/week workout that is free here)

I also do an ‘occasional workout with friends’. I’ve added extra workouts during the week to keep my energy levels up without caffeine. A Friday or Saturday workout with a random friend means they get gains and you get gains. My friend specifically said ‘This is great!’. He also is an insanely hard worker, so consider that personality type is most interested in Exercise.


This one you should be careful with, don’t just ‘ask for a favor’. For instance, don’t have a mechanic fix your car for you. However, we made gourmet cupcakes with some friends and they got to learn how to make gourmet cupcakes. Win Win Win.

Influence Me

Sometimes I hang out with people that are better than me. I am often looking for these people to rub off on me, so I don’t exactly require double productivity from these people. I’ll ask these people about my problems and absorb. I will often prepare for these by writing down questions or subjects to bring up. These aren’t necessarily people that are enormously wealthy, famous, or influential, but more often peers that excel at something I want to get better at.

As a lesser example of this, I had a friend show me a feature on FreeCAD that I wasn’t aware of before. It was like a personalized tutorial. She got her ego stroked, I learned something new.

Watch Kids Together

For people with kids, this is a great way to catch up during the time you would otherwise be managing the chaos. As a bonus, the kids get to practice sharing.

My wife thinks that this is called a “play date”.

Final Thoughts On Being Extreme

I will make exceptions for people I haven’t seen in a long time. I make exceptions for parties, as they are an efficient way to catch up with many people and meet new people. Exceptions can exist.

After the productive period I will also spend time before and after where we will be regular 1x productive time together, enjoying company.

Apply Montessori to Save Time Watching 2-5 Year Old Kids, Up to 4,300 Hours/yr Saved!

Saving time was not my intention when I read Maria Montessori’s book The Absorbent Mind. However, an internet ‘pal’ gave me the idea when they said:

“I saw your website, you should savor your kids’ childhood, not save time!”

A lightbulb went off, you could use Montessori’s theories to save time watching your kids.

I have tried applying Montessori’s ideas to my own children, and I’m surprised at how independent they have become. I have no complaints (yet).

Warning- Montessori Is Not Scientific

Despite my praise, let me make a mention that despite Maria Montessori claiming to be scientific, she did not do any scientific studies. She used anecdotal evidence/case studies and Freud’s theories. For instance she claimed that letting family members hold a newborn baby will make them permanently unhappy. However a broken clock is right twice a day, and I am happy to share her method that worked to make my kid independent (and save me time). Since, there is some evidence of Montessori’s methods being beneficial, but its difficult to know how reliable the evidence is.

I “stay in the center of the circle”, we do some Montessori and some traditional education.

Create an Environment that Fosters Independence

Humans adapt to their surroundings, and children are designed to adapt even better. Wherever your children spend time, they will adapt to. If your playroom requires asking for help to get toys from a closed toybox, your children will ask for help. If your children can access the toys, they will get toys themselves.

This can be expanded to getting clothes, going to the bathroom, and getting snacks. If the kid can independently access these, they will begin doing these by themselves after little instruction. Children typically like independence.

If your kid doesn’t like independence, ask ‘Do you need help? Or are you going to do it all by yourself?”. If they need help, I make sure the kid goes through the entire process, so they didn’t get the easy way out.

You job is to make an environment that teaches your kid independence and habits you like. I don’t like when my kid watches mindless YouTube videos, so I make that impossible to access. On the flip side, I make interactive toys easy to access. Before they wake up, or get home from daycare, I’ll clean our living room and place the toys I want them to use in the open. I don’t force them, but they will often go right for it.

Montessori says not to interfere unless they are being unsafe. This is your opportunity to save time.

Montessori Toys For Unlimited Hands Off Entertainment

I’m sure there is a bunch of Montessori toy suggestions, but from her book she suggests using child size, real/working, useful objects like a duster. If that list was too short, people have extrapolated and decided interactive toys are preferred over passive toys. This means things like Stackadoos, Megablocks, Magna Tiles, Duplos, and blocks are better than toys that light up and talk.

No Affiliate links, no preference, I’d try to get these for free/used/offbrand because its Efficient.

If you see your kid concentrating or struggling, let them keep at it. They build concentration, learn new things, and you save time.

Extrapolating, the ‘Michael Kirk method’ of using technology

Call this as unscientific as Maria’s original thoughts. I’m using her suggestions in the 21st century. Maria says to put your kid in the environment that they will grow up in. We are in a tech world, I’d be doing a disservice to have our kid grow up without technology.

I brainwash my infant with phonics and numbers. We have a 25 minute video that says the letter, sound, and word associated with that letter. I made a shortplaylist of quite a few similar videos to give you an idea(Thanks Steven C. for the suggestion). I manually skip the videos if there is non-educational stuff after. We watch 0 Disney/fiction/fun videos. Honorable mention to Alphablocks, Numberblocks, and maybe Peg+Cat. By 15 months old, our kid could point at a letter and tell us the letter and sound. At 2.5 years, he can sound out words. It took me until 5 years old to do that. On a similar note he can do addition by counting on his fingers. (If you think its cringe to hear anecdotes, I don’t recommend Maria Montessori’s books)

I also let our kid use an old smart phone and play games. He actively plays these games, and they won’t let him progress without counting or matching. He knows his way around Android OS.

Links to favorite games:

For 0 and up(Specifically the ‘Baby game’ for 0 year olds)-

For 1 year olds(All their games are free)-

For 2 year olds-

Further Montessori reading

I wouldn’t read anything from Maria Montessori. Her fans will claim ‘she was from a different age of science’. We had nuclear weapons when Absorbent Mind was released, no excuses.

I don’t have great advice other than the standard “Read from 5 different authors” or a ‘Hear from 10 different sources’. I think you will ‘get it’, and they will likely filter out the Freud theory.

Protein Powder Per Dollar 2022

Efficiency User Leo J. reached out with a suggestion for protein powder. It seemed quite a bit more expensive than what the original protein powder per dollar article was suggesting. I looked up our former recommendation and was shocked to see our former leader in protein powder had gone up to $80 for a 5lb bag. It was time to revisit this study. (Old article here)

Hope you like this no-fluff study, its the opposite of the SEO spam all over Google.

Comparison before Marketing/Sales/Discounts

Any long time viewer here knows how much I loathe marketing tricks, so the first set of data that will be presented is without sales. I wonder if there is some sort of dishonesty correlation between companies that run constant sales and the quality of their product.

Comparison With Marketing/Sales/Discounts

Finally, what you actually want, the current cost of protein, including the never ending sales.

Myprotein tops the list again. They seem to have a forever ‘40% ends today’ gimmick. As much as I hate marketing gimmicks, this is where you can get the cheapest protein powder. EDIT: WRONG, MyProtein changed to a 30% off gimmick today. If they don’t have that gimmick, you can use this referral link for a 30% off coupon.

I used to like MyProtein as a company and their protein powder before this silly marketing strategy. I suppose if you can get the discount, its fine. If you can’t get the discount, Walmart is the cheapest. To free yourself from marketing tricks, I highly recommend this article and the exercises suggested, its like a traumatic experience.

$0.04 Sports Drink, using Stoichiometry to reverse engineer the Gatorade and Pedialyte formula

Feel free to skip to the formula later in the article, the rest of the article describes the effectiveness and limitations.

Using College Chemistry 1 skills, you can calculate the amount of salt(NaCl), NoSalt(KCl), and Sugar needed to replicate Gatorade and Pedialyte.

This can be useful for rehydrating yourself after an intense workout, an intense night drinking, or an intense trip to the bathroom.

Inspired by Alex Harrison

Anecdotes on effectiveness

After running 6 miles in 90F+ sunny weather, water will not quench my thirst. I could drink 50oz of water and still be thirsty. This means you need salt. I have used this drink to quench my thirst.

After my friend accidentally drank what she thought was ~15% ‘apple pie moonshine’ but was closer to 30%, she was basically passed out. This ultra sugary drink was the recipe for a hangover. I made the World Health Organization rehydration drink and she hated it. But… no hangover, and we are in our 30s.


Some ingredients are more complicated than an element on the periodic table of elements. You can still get within the same order of magnitude by comparing the order of ingredients. If an ingredient is shown after salt, you can assume there is less weight of it. Using this, we figured out that there should be more citric acid than salt.

There also seems to be Sodium Citrate, which I occasionally will add. I consider it negligible. I suppose an improvement would be including it in the sodium calculation. I should note that the World Health Organization rehydration drink includes Sodium Citrate or Sodium Bicarbonate. The scientific article I read mentioned this is for the correction of acidosis. I’m not certain the purpose, especially in the presence of citric acid. My only guess is that it makes a buffer solution. As soon as we talk about Buffers, we leave General Chemistry 1, and find ourselves in late General Chemistry 2. The lazy solution is to sprinkle a tiny bit of sodium citrate, which I rarely do.

You can/should substitute ~5g of sugar for fructose, I’m sure my athlete friends will pounce on me for suggesting we just use sugar. Its what I use. You somewhat need sugar as it helps the rehydration process.

The Formula for Homemade Gatorade and Pedialyte

I used a gram scale to measure these, but I provided the measurements in typical cooking measurements, this loses some of the accuracy but after making a few I started eyeballing it.


591 ml Water or 2.5 cups
0.636 g Salt (NaCl) or 1/16 tsp
0.124 g NoSalt (KCl) or 1 large pinch (3 small pinches)
35g Sugar or about 2 tbsp slightly heaping
0.8g Citric Acid or 1/8 tsp

It should be noted, my wife loves when I add 1/4 tsp citric acid, it makes it more like a candy drink. You can substitute this with lemon or lime juice. As a note my wife told me “Let them know I’m picky and was reluctant to try this, but now its my favorite.”


360 ml Water or 1.5 cups
0.941 g Salt (NaCl) or 3/4 of a 1/8 tsp
0.534 g NoSalt (KCl) or 1/16 tsp
10g Sugar or a little less than 1tbsp

Bonus: World Health Organization rehydration drink. Warning this is absurdly salty, use this for emergencies only. This one is not fun, but it works. https://www.who.int/medicines/publications/pharmacopoeia/Oralrehydrationsalts.pdf

The Math – Calculate Your Own

Feel free to download the:

Sports Drink Calculator

to calculate your own size/strength sports drink.

Here is a photo of what you are going to work with, the green is the final answer.

Sports Drink Calculator

If you want this in Google Sheets format, or a request, shoot me an email. Contact Us is below.

Getting Back on 6hrs/20minutes Biphasic After the Birth of a Kid

Year 6 of Biphasic Sleep, ~4000 hours saved total. The purpose of this article is to talk about when we stopped doing our 6 hour night sleep, and when we got back to it. If you want to see how to start Biphasic Sleep, click here.

It should be no surprise that people expect to lose sleep and be tired upon the birth of a new baby. With Biphasic Sleep, we don’t lose out on sleep, instead we spend a total of ~7.5 hours trying to sleep. We easily hit the 6 hours we need for full energy.

Definitions For Those New To Biphasic Sleep

The classic way we do Biphasic Sleep is a 6 hour night time sleep and a 20 minute nap during the day.

I may set my alarm for 6 hours and 15 minutes if I don’t feel tired, allowing a few minutes to fall asleep and get 4 REM Cycles. I may set my 20 minute nap alarm for 25 minutes if I’m not tired, or 30 minutes if I’m in an uncomfortable spot(like a car). However , I typically I set my 20 minute nap alarm for 20 minutes. Surprisingly, even ~5 minutes of sleep hits the spot.

There is a break-in period when you go from any sleep schedule to a new one, approx. 3 weeks. Do your best, sleeping-in happens.

Our Biphasic Sleep Plan During The First Few Months With a Newborn

Upon having a kid, we typically set our alarm for 7.5 hours of sleep at night. The idea being, when the baby woke up in the middle of the night, we would still get 6 hours of sleep. We continued taking our 20 minute nap(no interruptions on that in the last 6 years).

This went according to plan. Some nights when the baby didn’t wake up we slept all 7.5 hours.

Transitioning From 7.5 Hours of Sleep to 6 Hours of Sleep

The kid is now sleeping through the night, so it’s time to get back to saving time sleeping with 6 hours of sleep and 20 minute nap.

This has the break in period as mentioned above, but it took only 1 week to feel high energy all day.

Some tips, have some motivation to wake up and not hit snooze. This could be coffee, this could be a video games. I gave up these things to save time and money, so it was especially hard. Some other ideas, starting work early so you can finish early, food, exercise(with an interesting audiobook), a shower, urinating, or my most reliable:

Get your legs off the bed and onto the floor. That somehow takes over the brains desire to go back to sleep.

Regardless, even a week of attempting this will get you in the routine, making it easy to wake up after 6 hours despite the first week of struggle.

Stay Up Late, Wake Up Early

Staying up until Midnight gives us 4 hours while the kids are asleep. I spend 3 hours of this on productivity and 1 hour with my wife which is also productive in a different way.

I get up at 6am, giving me the chance to read, be productive, or start work early.

After an interview with BBC got me to get ridiculed for ‘cleaning’, let me give you something more appealing to the masses: You can spend time watching TV. (I’ll suggest nonfiction TV since that is somewhat productive.)

Personally I don’t clean, I read books and work on projects. In my weakest moments I’ll watch nonfiction Youtube, and typically related to the subject of a project.

I highly recommend Biphasic Sleep. Just survive those first few weeks of transition, it gets much easier.

2022 Vision

Efficiency Is Everything started in 2014. My wife was thrilled after applying Industrial Engineering to save time at home. She recommended I write a book about it. 7 years later we had our first profitable year! If you bought a book, gave a donation, shared an Efficiency Is Everything Article, or told your friends about Efficiency Is Everything- Thank You.

Now I would like to lay out my plan for 2022 and beyond.

The 2022 plan

If you asked me last year what the 2022 plan was, I would have told you: Spend donation money on new articles and use my promised matched money to update old articles with new prices. However with our current inflation, I’m thinking this is going to wait until 2023.

This does not mean 0 new engineering intern studies, if you donate and have an idea, send me an email. I want somewhat stable prices, and 2022 is not the year to do a site wide update on prices.

My plan for 2022 is to explore new ideas.

I want to put most of my efforts into saving time. Last year I completed a first revision of Speed Cooking, and there may be more nuances to explore to cooking food quickly. I am also interested in exploring speed cleaning and various outdoor work that could benefit from Industrial Engineering. Is it possible to speed up those DIY tasks that always take 8x longer than you would expect?

For saving money, I want to get into healthcare costs(if that is possible). I don’t have any desire to solve other money saving problems, we already live absurdly cheap, only healthcare spending gets out of control. However there may be some overlap in a quality topics. Suppose I study household cleaning products or lotions, it will be easy to save money by purchasing items that meet the quality metrics regardless of brand names.

I have that gigantic update to Nutrition per Dollar 3 sitting on the back burner. I’m waiting for my computer to die so I can buy a high powered computer to do a gigantic computation. (Or I’ll figure out a better way)

2023 and beyond

Is saving money a solved problem? Is there nothing more to explore? If so, I see this website pivoting to focus almost entirely on saving time. This is the purpose of Industrial Engineering, saving money is often a byproduct of having extra time.

When I look out to the horizon, I see an obsession to save time and eliminate household chores. Not just lifehacks that save a few minutes, but life changing ideas that will change lives for 7 billion people. Ambitious? Sure, but I really do believe that Speed Cooking has the potential to be revolutionary. What else can be revolutionary?

I’ll leave you with an Industrial Engineering style quote from The Meditations by the Philosopher King Marcus Aurelius: “No Pointless Actions”

2 Recipes From Calories Per Minute, Save 4.5 Hours/Week By Cooking In 2 Active Minutes Per Day

Gift ($10)Efficiency Is Everything In Cooking(Eat for $21/week) or ($20)Efficiency Is Everything Perfect Eating(Eat for $11/week) for someone who would love tasty, healthy, efficient, low cost recipes.

Finally, a useful update on Protein Per Second

Protein Per Second was the original proposed study for eating food based on time and any long-time follower knows how many times this study ran into a wall of complexity. Today we have 2 recipes, part of the ongoing first round of data collection. These hit 1000 Calories Per Minute, meaning you spend less than 2 minutes per day actively preparing food. Its pretty crazy spending 1 active minute in the kitchen at 5pm, being done and having ~40 minutes until dinner is ready.

I have 2 recipes to share. The first is my wife’s favorite, Broccoli/Chicken Sesame Rice. The latter is a novelty 2 minute pizza to show what’s possible.

(Broccoli/Chicken) Sesame Rice

“Flavor is pretty good, has good texture.”- Dr. Mandy Kirk, and she’s particular with her American Asian foods. This is pretty versatile too, if you don’t like it, change the sauce or vegetable.

Speed: 1000 Calories Per Minute
Passive Time: 20-90 minutes
Active Time: 2 minutes

On Sauces:
Go to your Asian aisle and pick out a few sauces. Not to overcomplicate this, but if the sauce is a common dish name like General Tso’s it’s worth trying. This is different than a single ingredient sauce like oyster sauce or fish sauce. We liked sesame sauce and Kung Pow sauce. The sauce wasn’t even great, but it still hit the spot.

On Rice:
I use a rice cooker and max out as many cups as I can make. If you don’t have a rice cooker, look up the Americas Test Kitchen Cooking Rice. Perfect Rice, super easy, but you need to understand your ratios. Life changing video, I’m no longer scared to cook large or small quantities of rice.

>Bottle of Sesame Sauce (or any other Asian aisle sauce)
>(Max Quantity Rice Cooker, 8 cooked cups) Rice
>Cooked Chicken Breast/Broccoli/Any favorite roasted or microwave steamed vegetable

1-Pour rice and water into rice cooker
2-Hit buttons to start

This should take 40-60 seconds.
Serve this with baked chicken breasts or roasted vegetables/microwave steamed vegetables. Roasted broccoli is a favorite.
Plating order goes: rice on bottom, chicken/vegetables in the middle, then sauce. Head to your dining location and either eat, or mix then eat.

To hit your time goals you are limited to only 1 vegetable or premade mix of multiple vegetables. Make sure they are decently cut up, frozen vegetables or more expensive refrigerated vegetables can be bought already cut. Vegetables can quickly be thrown onto a pan and put in the oven to let cook for 30+ minutes depending on size and temp.

There are endless combinations with various meats, veggies, and sauces. If you didn’t like one sauce/vegetable, try another.

2 Minute Novelty Pizza- Not for Pizza Lovers

This is more of a novelty than genuine pizza. I believe this is technically flat bread covered in sauce and cheese.

Speed: 2650 Calories/2.25 minutes= 1177 Calories/ Minute
Passive Time: 14 Minutes
Active Time: 2 minutes and 15 seconds. This one is hard.

For this to be 1000 calorie/minute you need everything to go perfect, although you could add extra oil to guarantee your caloric success.

The flour and water are measured fast and inaccurately, the oil is eyeballed. You won’t have a round, flat pizza. These are the sacrifices we make, but it still tastes great.

>3 Cups Flour
>1 Cup Water
>Oil (as much as you like)

>Mozzarella Cheese
Pick one-
>Pizza sauce
>Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce

1-Put Flour, water, and oil in a stand mixer
2-Turn on stand mixer
Get out ingredients that will go on the pizza, remember these shouldn’t take more than seconds to apply. This means something like pepperoni would take too long. We only used cheese.
3-Spray pizza/baking pan with nonstick spray
4-Turn off stand mixer
5-Move dough onto middle of pizza pan. Mash/spread it flat as possible, fast. After about 30 seconds give up and move on.
6-Less than 1 minute to put all the sauce on AND cheese.
a.Don’t fix anything, its not worth it.
b.Cover the crust with sauce/toppings, this isn’t going to magically turn into butter garlic.
7-Pizza in the oven, turn on.

13 minutes later, our pizza was ready. Let cool for 5-10 minutes before tearing. Your oven will change this time by a few minutes. Keep an eye on the first time you make this.

The pizza isn’t sliced. My solution was to hand rip half and put it on a plate, about 1000 calories. You might be able to get away with ‘cutting the pizza’ at the dining table to remove ‘active time’ and convert that time to consuming media or having social time.

Other findings

One more tip, you can cook whole wheat noodles without stirring. This means you can put noodles in cold water and put it on the stove, high heat. It will take 2-4 minutes to get boiling, start your alarm(3 minutes heat up) + (8 minutes cook time). At some point the water will boil over and you can lower the heat. This is how we are cooking the 1 minute noodle recipes.

My wife said I should tease the new 2 minutes/day cookbook.

Q3, Beard Per Second, Baby Formula Per Dollar, Save 1 Million Dollars On 401k Fees, 2%-5% Discounts With Credit Cards

2 new data driven articles, Facial Hair Per Second and Baby Formula Per Dollar, 2 huge money saving articles(under 400 words), and its time to buy health insurance(see the 2021 update.) Other news, the website is profitable, the website is saved, yay! Thank you donors and book buyers, expect more studies, more cost savings, and more time savings!

New Releases

Facial Hair Per Second– Version 1 has a low sample size, but regardless its interesting. The results are saving me more time than I expected. You could save 200-1000 hours in your lifetime.

Baby Formula Per Dollar– Useful for anyone who is buying baby formula.

$1,000,000+ in 401k fee savings– If you know your Operating Expenses on your 401k investments. Don’t bother reading this. If you DONT know, set 3 alarms in your phone to remind you to do this. Its easy and pays about $500,000-5,000,000/hr.

2% cash back on medical bills, utilities, and daycare– Use a good credit card. Basically get a 2% cash back credit card ASAP. (no affiliates, just useful)

Its time to buy health insurance, don’t forget to pick Efficient Health Insurance(feat. new paragraph about 2021’s lessons).

Bonus Tip- Save money on Diapers by potty training ASAP.

Next up

The website needs an update, until then, the homepage has the latest articles. Protein Per Second is insane, but I’m making progress. If it becomes too complex, I’ll just make a goal of eating in under 4 minutes per day. Cleaning Science is difficult, but I have one last idea before I throw in the towel.

Here is an idea, negative fun per dollar, if you have fun and work, the value is negative. I have this idea, instead of playing Dungeons and Dragons/Video games on a Sunday night for 4 hours, do a DIY activity with your friends and rotate homes every 4 weeks. If you insist on sitting down for 4 hours, have someone youtube DJ non-fiction.

2022 is going to be great for Efficiency Is Everything, I’m going to match the donations which means thousands of dollars of new studies!

Credit Card 5% cash back this Q4, 2% cashback always- free money IF YOU PAY ON TIME

No affiliates here, just excitement that I saved 2% on $10,000 dollars on our medical bills(24 hours in the hospital when Mandy gave birth).

WAIT! You must pay your credit card back on time

Disclaimer, you only save money if you pay your balance off before the bill is due. If you don’t, the credit card company wins.

These incredible savings exist to tempt you to overspend. Have you ever been unable to pay off a credit card? If so, you might want to exit this article because the deal is tempting. If you have learned your lesson, ‘never again’, these savings might be worth it.

I’m excited about 5% at Walmart and Amazon, 2% everywhere

To make it clear that I’m not some shill for credit card companies, you will have to google which credit cards I’m discussing. However I wanted to give you some ideas which products I’m spending 5% on. (Thanks to a few people who contacted me with ideas)

The 5% cash back at some stores

>Christmas Presents

>Backup Harddrive

>Battery Backup/Generator

>Basement flooring

>Air Filters (for the home furnace and for the car)


>Materials for our charity

These I can all buy with this 5% cash back and generally don’t have an expiration date. (or I was going to buy anyway)

2% on everything

Here are some items that I can’t get 5% cash back on, but I get 2% cash back on everything-

>Home utilities (Gas, Electric, Internet)




>Fast food(on vacations, otherwise we eat at home)

>And everything else

Don’t overspend! Don’t overspend

Wrapping up this article that is likely common knowledge, I just want to remind you that if you do not pay off your credit card, you lose the game. The credit card company wins. So, don’t overspend.

Definitely consider these credit cards, as long as you can handle yourself.