Failed Transition – Haley Offers Her Experience

After 3 week Haleys could not implement biphasic sleep. Here is our Q & A where she offers her experience and advice:

Michael: How long did you attempt Biphasic Sleep?

Haley: I did it for about a week. I went to bed at 1130 and woke up at 530.

Michael: What kind of issues came up during implementation?

Haley: My friend had a party and I didn’t go to bed till 1am. I didn’t know if I should have woken up at 530 or sleep till 7 and got the 6 hours. Should I?

Michael: Sleep 6 hours. Don’t worry about the time you go to sleep. Make it a goal rather than a set rule. Important thing is to consistently do 6 hours and a 20 minute nap.

Haley: My SO wouldn’t want to do anything because he said we HAD to be asleep by 1130. We wouldn’t go out or hang out with anyone. We wouldn’t do ANYTHING because we had to be home by 10-1030 just to get stuff ready for tomorrow

Haley: It made me not want to do it because we wouldn’t do anything with friends and made it not fun.

Michael: Did you continue? What caused you to stop?

Haley: I did it for a good 3 weeks and liked it but my work schedule is never consistent and that’s where I had problems.

Haley: Yesterday I worked 4-1130 and today 8am-3. I struggled because I never got consistent with the naps or it would be forcing them and they weren’t true naps.

Michael: When were you taking them? Between 2pm and 5pm?

Haley: Nope, Sometimes I work 11-6, 8-3, 8-4, 4-1130, 3-1030, 715-5….it isn’t consistent. And that’s only some of the times I work. Every day/every week is always different.

Michael: Any advice?

Haley: My advice: find a job that doesn’t make you work crazy/inconsistent hours If i had a consistent job I would be doing biphasic sleep. Staying on a schedule is key.