First Cooking Show, 3 Recipe Videos + Survey Results

The responses from the survey were not as clear cut as I expected. I wanted to share responses and our first cooking show this week. After this week, I don’t expect to have any ‘offtopic’ topics until 2018 when I do a year recap. This topic jumps around, but I wanted to consolidate any ‘fluff’ into one topic, so I don’t need to release anything but engineering for the rest of the year.

tl;dr- Protein Per Second 9-27-17 Due Date. New website ‘Sections’ to come.

First Cooking Show

Heads Up- First Video and we packed in tons of tips. Goal was to teach how to take any food and turn it into a delicious low cost recipe.

Watch myself and Misses Efficiency cook an Efficient Meal here.


Here are some low cost recipes we make on a daily basis, Facebook style-

Thai Fried Rice(Official Recipe)- Miss Efficiency’s Favorite, Better Than Thai Food

Beef Casserole – Make Enough Food For All Week

Sloppy Joe- Classic

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey.

>Almost everyone wants to save Money, and almost everyone wants to save Time. I’ll keep at both, but whatever is shared more gets more articles.

>Most people don’t want to see more Restaurant Per Dollar, “Except X, you should do X Per Dollar”

It seems that everyone has a favorite restaurant that they studied, but they don’t care for most restaurants. My plan is to release these articles in combination with weekly articles.

>Keep the format similar, Problem, Process, Math, Simple Conclusion

>Biphasic Sleep seems to be a huge hit. I have friends that made the change, I’ll get their tips too.

>Most people want to try out some crazy topics, but I’ll do my best to stay grounded.

>Keeping at weekly articles, but I will aim to have larger topics covered on a monthly basis. For those that want daily tips, check out our Facebook for Efficiency Memes.

Requested topics- Streamline Digital Actions, hardware and software Efficiency, Finance, happiness/state of mind, early retirement, travel, and multi-dimensional analysis. In addition, I’ve received feedback that people want more nutrition and time studies.


People have approached me in sharing their Efficiency, and as long as they are data driven, I think they’d be a fantastic addition to the site. That with weekly articles, I’m needed to categorize the website.

Thinking categories- Newest/All Articles, Sleep, Food Optimization, Restaurant Per Dollar, Time Savings, Money Savings

I’m trying to stay away from lifehacks/life pro tips, but I will save time and money by any means necessary… so expect a section for it.

Monetizing Efficiency Is Everything

I had multiple people ask to give me money. Someone said I should be pushing my books harder, another asked to start a Patron.

I might do that in the future, I started this website to share my findings. My Engineering job pays for this website, and I am fascinated running it.

This year I spent 10,000 dollars and countless hours trying to get the word out. I’m an engineer, and I want to focus on finding engineering solutions to problems. I can spend that money and time on engineering problems if you can help get the word out by sharing.

Teaching Efficiency> Monetizing This Website

Misses Efficiency And More Personality

There were specific requests for more personality and more Misses Efficiency.

I want to focus on the math, data, and engineering. However the nature of ‘Engineering Daily Life’ intersects with lifestyle, there are parts of Efficiency that meld with Vacations, Hobbies, Exercise, and How We Spend Time(Leisure). Mandy, Misses Efficiency will be featured in future YouTube videos and the occasional guest post. Glad to see you liked her too.

Instead of dedicating a week to personal interests, here is a paragraph that I hope is sufficient-

I’m fascinated in quantum mechanics, the closest thing we have to a scientific approach to understanding the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. I’m a Catholic, Stoic, Libertarian Anarcho Capitalist, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency owner. I’m fascinated by creativity/aesthetics/philosophy, as it is something unique to our species- yet mathematical principles like the golden ratio and logic are hugely influential on what “looks good”. I’m currently thinking of a way to make Business Casual ‘cool’, including finding a way to add blue to my hair without looking like a rebellious teenager. I always have something in my head, so I’ve started writing on bracelets to remind myself to think of problems. Recently I’m trying to figure out how to treat ‘Fun’ if its nonlinear. Outside of that, we are PC gamers, Netflix watchers, play rec league football, we like camping, having friends over, and attending parties.

Hope that is good enough, if you wanted to know something more specific, let me know.

Want to help?

I had a few offers from Engineers that wanted to contribute to the website. I’m interested, but I have an absurdly high standard of what I consider acceptable research, data, and math. I haven’t had the chance to think through how to take crowdsourced studies and turn that into an article. I’ll make a reminder bracelet and think about it this week 🙂

Thanks for supporting Efficiency Is Everything, your support has reinforced my excitement for applying Industrial Engineering at home. Life Efficiency is coming.