Assembly Line Efficiency To Your Life

  • Efficient Food

    Calorie Per Dollar List, Protein And Nutrition Per Dollar List, Just In Time Grocery Shopping.

    Eat for 21 Dollars A Week – Quicker Than Fast Food

  • Efficient Chores

    Ergonomic Laundry, Statistics on Dusting, Permanently  Organized Closets, Quick and Impressive Outfits.

    Save 16,000 Minutes Doing Chores in Your Lifetime – Relax… No More Back Pain

  • Efficient Finances

    Calculate YOUR Correct Health Insurance, Use Pareto 80/20 on Finances, Feel Secure – Do Your Accounting In 30 Minutes, Save 500 Dollars a MONTH

  • Efficient Life Style

    Fun Per Dollar, Motivate Yourself With Metrics, Watch Movies Faster, Conquer Your Fears Using Data 

    Get Skilled At Anything FAST Using Engineering – Get Expert Efficiency Tips And Lifehacks

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  • Get Efficient for FREE

    Get Delicious Cost and Time Efficient Recipes

    Get The Raw Data And Analysis From Studies Like “Nutrition Per Dollar” and “Home Chore Time Studies”

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  • Drinks Per Dollar

    18ml of Ethanol in 1 Shot

    How Beer Stacks Up Vs Vodka

    The Data

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    Driving To Work Faster Using Data, “Fun Per Dollar”, Clean Less Using Statistics

    Achieve Your Goals Using Metrics, Error Proof To Prevent Forgetting, Engineer Your Workout To Be Fast And Effective

    Get The Equations To Find Your Best Health Insurance, Save Hundreds of Man Hours And Eat For 1000 dollars A Year Using Just In Time Grocery Shopping

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