Incident: 4-17-19 Culver’s Data Mismatch

UPDATE: Culvers did confirm they updated their data. No blame to the Intern.


User Xander reported Culvers Protein data on Bacon Deluxe, Double and Sourdough Melt, Double were incorrect.


There were 5 errors found on the page. All related to Protein content.

Our two most recent theories-

>Intern Failure- Bad data entry

>Culvers Failure- Website was originally incorrect at time of entry

The Intern has been asked about this. His claim is the culvers website was difficult to use.

Culvers has been contacted regarding this, we await their feedback.

UPDATE: Culvers Feedback

Culvers responded saying:

“We are constantly updating nutritional information based on information from our suppliers”

The intern is in the clear.

Next Steps

Article has been updated with the 5 corrections.


Second hand data has been a problem in the past, the best thing we can do is be skeptical of all data. Speak up if you see something.