Jake On Biphasic Sleep – Never Going Back

Jake shot me a message I wanted to share. Like myself, he cannot imagine going back to the time consuming monophasic sleep.

Bodybuilder Jake Sahadi Implements Biphasic Sleep

Figured I’d share my experience with biphasic sleep which you introduced to me via EiE. You were right, the adaptation period is an absolute bitch. It took me slightly longer than the 3 week period you stated, but I am going to assume it was from oversleeping on the weekend to catch up. Once I switched to a consistent 6 hour sleeping schedule w/ a 20 minute nap 7 days per week, I adjusted quick. Sleeping is… odd. 20 minute naps feel like hours and are very refreshing.

Even find myself waking up before my alarm goes off. Energy has been way, wayyyyy better throughout the day. Once I quit focusing on staying up an extra 2-3 hours due to fatigue in the first few weeks, I didn’t even know what to do with my extra time. Thanks for all your info!! Never going back.

My Tip-

Well when I would try to get slightly more sleep on the weekends, it would turn out to more than necessary. So if you’re like me and might not be able to handle the option of slightly more sleep on the weekends, keep a consistent schedule with your sleep. Better practice IMO