Programming Class (Friends and Family)


$240.00 $120.00

Programming is broken down into 4 ‘Chess Moves’

Then we practice 1 on 1.



“If you want to learn coding, Michael Kirk is your guy. I took his class a few weeks ago with almost no background in coding (just a little HTML), and he had me feeling like I could create an app in minutes! Obviously it’s not that simple, but I’ve been working on a couple of projects since then that have built my confidence in coding past what I ever thought I could do. Go check him out sometime and he’ll show you the right way to code.”

Spenser Garber

“I enrolled in one of Michael’s one-on-one interactive programming events and it was a great experience. Coming from a background of very little programming, I knew almost nothing about the subject when I started. Michael explained the foundations of programming in a way even my managerial brain could completely understand. We talked about ways I could automate tasks that I don’t enjoy and gain more time to do things I want to do. He sent me off with some great ideas and the tools to accomplish them. I whole-heartedly recommend him as a teacher for beginners, and I have no doubt that he is be a great resource for all programmers from novice to veteran”

“Michael Kirk taught me to program with Python in less than 2 hours. Having some prior limited experience with C#, Michael took the time to explain Python in relation to C# so it was even easier for me to process -I was able to write my first rough Python application within an hour, and Mike always offered good suggestions on what to clean up or what he thought I missed. He was thorough on explanations and definitions, and ensured attention with a short quiz at the end of the class. Making it personal was appreciated as well. We discussed what I, personally, would like to automate in my life, and talked about different ways to program that. He also took some time to help me with some existing code I had been struggling with, making the lesson (or teacher) that much better. It was a great class to get introduced to a new language and feel comfortable and confident in a short amount of time.”

“Michael Kirk did an excellent job teaching me programming. He explained things in such a way that I, someone who had never had any prior programming experience at all could understand. He made sure I could do every step before moving on to the next one. He also gave me tips to help me get better at it and told me some of the career benefits of learning this skill. It’s clear that he’s great programming teacher.”