Protein Powder Per Dollar – Guide To Efficient Protein

EDIT: Updated for 2022, new study here.

Efficiency-Michael: Instant, Low Cost, Healthy

I often use Protein Powder as an quick, high protein meal replacement.

It’s really not that exciting but:

  • 1 scoop of Whey Protein(20g Protein)
  • 8oz or 1 Cup (Whole) Milk
  • Veggies or a fruit.


  • Faster than ‘fast’ food
  • 2x more affordable than the lowest cost fast food (Little Caesar’s 5 Dollar Pizza – 21 g Protein Per Dollar)
  • Healthy and full of Protein.

Think of it nutritionally like eating a few chicken legs with veggies on the side. Depending on who you buy from, it can be a better value than chicken or far worse.

Being an engineer, we are going to use data to optimize the best value of Protein Per Dollar

The Math(Data is below):

We take the servings in a container, multiply that by the protein per serving, then divide that by the after tax cost.



An example:


Servings = 50

Protein Per Serving =24

Cost = $49.99 (online w/ free shipping)



The Data(By Best Value):


Download as Excel File


Using The Results

  • Best Value 51g Protein Per Dollar – Costco with 6lb Cytosport/Muscle Milk Brand (DON’T GET THE VANILLA – traumatizing taste)
  • MyProtein Impact Whey 5.5lb was on par with Costco at 50g Protein Per Dollar

Hate to drop a referral, but MyProtein has a 40% off deal for new customers. That would make it 80g Protein Per Dollar.

Other tips:

  • Buy in Bulk, better Protein Per Dollar and save on shipping costs.
  • There is a HUGE range of Protein Per Dollar. Make sure you know what you are buying.
  • I suggest trying a smaller size first, otherwise you might end up with an unfavorable tasting mix. I usually pick Unflavored or Chocolate.

For Comparison

  • Chicken Breast – 50g Protein Per Dollar
  • Milk – 50g Protein Per Dollar
  • Eggs -45g Protein Per Dollar
  • 80/20 Ground Beef – 30g Protein Per Dollar
  • Lentils and Beans are  115g and 70g Protein Per Dollar respectively

Not on that list? It’s probably more expensive than a protein shake. Or click here for the Protein Per Dollar List.


Try It:


Ready in <2 minutes

I do a daily protein shake, because Efficiency, but if you are trying it for the first time-

  1. Feel Lazy
  2. Make yourself a protein shake
  3. Eat a fruit or veggie
  4. Feel good about it

If you haven’t used protein from Costco or MyProtein – give it a try.

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