Save Time Eating – Optimize Food Consumption Without Changing Your Food

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

This is a touchy subject with many people. How many times should you eat per day?

Does eating breakfast actually change your metabolism?

Does eating food after 9pm turn it into fat? (No. Excess calories turns into fat)

Should you eat 10 snacks a day? Should you eat once a day?

Eat Twice A Day – Intermittent Fasting

I’m not the first person to invent this concept, but I might be the first to use it to save time.

Shoutout to Daniel Engerer of Brainchild Engineering for pointing out my eating habits are Efficient.

How It Works

There are some guidelines for Intermittent Fasting, but I use it loosely.

  1. Eat 2 meals a day
  2. First meal should be after 16 hours of not eating(I usually do 12-14 hours)
  3. You can consume small amounts of calories(less than 100) outside of this time. Think small amounts of sugar in coffee.
  4. Expect the first 2-3 weeks to be difficult

Don’t treat these as rules, treat these as daily targets during your transition. Once you make the transition, you wont be hungry for breakfast, and you wont be hungry before bed.

Benefits- Save Time, Lose Weight

Depending on your goals, you might be interested in losing weight. Intermittent Fasting is a popular way to lose weight.

I’m a believer in Calories In = Calories Out.

The Calories you eat daily decides if you gain, maintain, or lose weight. Intermittent Fasting a technique to eat plenty of food ~2 times a day, and still lose weight.

There is no magic here, just structure. I count my calories, but eating 1,000 calories in a single meal psychologically feels good.

The Math, Save Time- 380 More Vacation Days In Your Lifetime

I’m going to assume ~10 minutes to consume your breakfast.

My first meal of the day is usually leftovers, and the process looks like this:

  1. Walk to Microwave- 0.5 Minutes
  2. Put food in Microwave- 2 Minutes
  3. Walk back to desk- 0.5 Minutes
  4. Eat Food- 5 minutes

Without getting into the details of putting food in a separate piece of Tupperware, putting in the dishwasher, taking out of the dishwasher, putting it away. I’m going to give that a value of 2 minutes. I’ve been told I eat fast, for estimation, I’m going to use 10 minutes.

This is 3,040 hours in your lifetime.


As mentioned before, consistency is key. You can imagine a time in your life that you skipped breakfast enough times that you lost your appetite for breakfast.

If you are using this method to lose weight, I highly recommend a calorie counting app, I still use myfitnesspal, but it seems to be filled with push notifications/social media/ads.

One Last Tip- Make More Food

We are huge fans of making enough food for leftovers. We just Just-In-Time for our grocery shopping, and we don’t buy any groceries for Thursday. By Thursday, we usually have enough food in Tupperware that we have a quick dinner that can be microwaved in moments. If we somehow ate everything, we always have eggs in the refrigerator and make ‘Breakfast for dinner’.

If you are open to change your eating habits, I highly recommend this lifestyle. It saves time, it aids in losing weight, and it might save you money if you can skip eating out.

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