Special Release: Make A Fun and Easy Spaghetti Diagram To Save Time (And 11 Article Summaries)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been holding out on the Spaghetti Diagram article for 7 years! It’s finally here! Find that and 1-3 minute article summaries in this special release.

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Know someone who has time, but needs to Save Money? Get them Perfect Eating($20), eat all your essential nutrients for $11/week (pre 2020 inflation).

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Save Time

Make A Spaghetti Diagram To Save Time, it only takes 5-20 minutes and you will be able to visualize waste like never before. Plus it’s fun, you get to draw.

Save Time, Clean Less And Eliminate Overprocessing Waste, YouTube exclusive, 93 second video on using quality metrics to clean less. (94 seconds)

Article Summaries

Save Time On Laundry By Applying Ergonomics, a few quick tips, check this out for sure if you haven’t read the laundry ergonomics article. (228 seconds)

Save Time Applying The Pareto 80/20 Rule To Your Appearance, if you think makeup/hair/getting dressed takes too long, check this one out. (88 seconds)

Water Per Second – Save 1400 Hours Getting Water, this is a heavy hitter, lots of hours saved. If you don’t already drink out of a large water bottle, this is worth viewing. (90 seconds)

Save Time By Removing The 7 Forms Of Waste, this is a great one. You can save lots of hours learning these tips. (152 seconds)

Apply Process Flow Diagrams To Save Time On Any Repetitive Task, Not as good as the actual article, but maybe a fresh perspective or two. It’s been a few years since I wrote that article. (120 seconds)

Make More Money By Using Rational Decision Making, has it been a few years since you changed jobs? This is a good reminder before making big decisions.(135 seconds)

Save Time Sleeping With Biphasic Sleep, Save 624 Hours Per Year, a summary of biphasic sleep. (208 seconds)

Speed Up Videos, Save 110+ Hours Per Year, the world famous article that got me on BBC, summarized. If you aren’t already speeding up your media, check this out. (132 seconds)

Save Money

Article Summaries

Save Money On Gas, No Apps Or Spending Extra Time Driving, easy tip that will work the rest of your lifetime. (61 seconds)

Picking The Best Health Insurance For You, Multiple times per year I explain how critical it is to pick the most efficient health insurance plan. Here it is in video form. (93 seconds)

I’m thankful for you reading these emails and telling people about Efficiency Is Everything. I wouldn’t be doing this 7 years later if it wasn’t for readers. Wish you the best.

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