Survey – The Future of Efficiency Is Everything Is In Your Hands

As mentioned last week, this week we have a survey that will impact the future of Efficiency Is Everything.

Fill out the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/Eiv8Ekirp55qYTI63

Shouldnt take more than 5 minutes, and as an engineer, more feedback is always better. Constructive criticism is preferred over praise.

As an FYI-

The month of August I’m wrapping up edits on the book Efficiency Is Everything – In Life. This is a gigantic time and energy sink, but its almost done. After that, Myself and Misses Efficiency are taking a much needed vacation.

Then… Full focus on new studies created and designed by myself. (I like my engineering interns, but I’m craving some high impact life studies.) Get excited to see new youtube videos showing applications.

Remember to share Efficiency with your friends so I can spend time Engineering Your Life instead of marketing.