Update on 2017 and last article for a while

Wanted a update for Efficiency Enthusiasts on whats up.

I can’t do weekly articles, and I’m taking a break for the start of 2018.

I love efficiency, I think about applying Lean Principles every day. I don’t like low quality studies. While I put almost 20 hours a week into various aspects of conducting studies and collecting massive amounts of food data, I want bigger studies that change the world.

My next steps are to finish one last article for 2017, a mashup of unreleased articles that combined will be of significant value.

After that, I’m taking on some personal projects, programming an App, Starting a charity where I’ll be giving a slowcooker with an easy delicious 3$ meal to children, and………… eventually…. thinking about what major study you can benefit from.

Look forward to the article coming up, I wont release it until its incredibly useful.