BoJangles: Cheapest Food, Calories Per Dollar

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Bojangles is the jewel of the south. It encompasses every misconception northerners hold about our warm climate brethren. Its staples are cajun and biscuits with options for sweats and gravy on the side. Its debatable if the chicken tastes good, but there can be no doubting the scrumptiousness of the biscuits. 



  • The highest calories per dollar item is the Cinnamon Biscuit.
  • The highest protein per dollar item is the Mac N’ Cheese.
  • The best items to order are going to either be the biscuits or Mac N’ Cheese. Don’t order the chicken, its horrible value.

Watch out for the those sweet biscuits, the sugar count can add up quick. The chicken is of poor value and quality. The best entree option is the Jambolaya, but at $234 per calorie it doesn’t look like a great choice.


If you’re looking to maximize your dollars spent, nothing can beat home cooking.

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