Pei Wei- Cheapest Food, Calories Per Dollar

At home we we aim to hit 700 Calories Per Dollar. Taco Bell has a Beefy Fritos Burrito at 440 Calories Per Dollar. Similar restaurants to Pei Wei have items between 100-200 Calories Per Dollar.

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Save More Money At Pei Wei

Pei Wei can be expensive so we made a list of the cheapest food you can get at Pei Wei for your benefit


  1. The highest Calories Per Dollar item are the Fudge brownies.
  2. The highest Protein Per Dollar item is the Edamame.

Efficiency recommends the Chicken Pad Thai. It’s has a Calorie Per Dollar count of almost 177 and a Protein Per Dollar count of almost 9 G. One of the least efficient items on the menu is the Vegetable spring rolls with only 64 calories per dollar and less than 1 G of protein per dollar.

Remember, if your looking to Maximize efficiency it’s always best to eat at home.

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