12-24-18-Efficiency Michael is Newly Unemployed + Your Donations At Work, Intern Josh Presents- Dates Per Dollar

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

We have our first donation sponsored article- Dates Per Dollar + Additional quality metrics. This will be both beneficial to Singles and Couples.

Other News- I am a casualty of Tariffs and a General Motors sacrifice.

Next Article- Baby Shower Registry Per Dollar- Comparing Bye Bye Baby, Amazon, Walmart Online, Walmart, Target Online, Target, and Thrift Stores. I expect this to be telling about Brick and Mortar vs Online, and Store vs Store.

We have received a $350 donation from Greg Kopanski, who changed our January plans with his support! He also has incredible time saving tips that I’m looking forward to sharing soon.

Dates Per Dollar Study + Privacy, Creativity, and Classy

Looking for something ‘to-do’ with your partner? Do you want it to be quiet? Interesting? Low cost?

In addition to the metric Minutes of Date Per Dollar, we included Privacy, Creativity, and Classy quality metrics(Boolean, because if it isn’t math driven, its not engineering).

This is our first 100% donation sponsored article, using the first $135 donated by Efficiency Is Everything Users. As a note, I offered our Intern Josh $180, 12 hours of work, but he completed it in 9. Honest and Efficient. If you want to see more studies, consider supporting Josh and our study of Life Industrial Engineering.

Dates Per Dollar – Lowest Cost, Creative and Classy Dates – Click Here

Lead Engineer Michael Kirk is Unemployed

Don’t Panic.

Fortunately our household has planned ahead by Comparing Future Jobs and putting us on Cost Freeze.

Living in Metro Detroit for 28 years, hearing news about a down economy means 1 thing- Layoffs. As much as I blame Tariffs for being bad capitalism, I also made the decision to stay Contract instead of taking a direct position at GM. Opting to accept a higher paying job, and accepting to be part of GM’s ‘Flexible workforce’.

Next steps- As mentioned, I have prepared and in January, I have accepted an Electrical Engineering job at Nissan. Bonus- it pays better too.

However, this means I am off work, for approximately 1 month. If you have an interest in having me complete freelance work, I consider myself proficient in-