12-6-18 Back with Cost Freeze and Rational Decision Making – Picking Your Next Job With Math

Lead Engineer-Michael Kirk:

Excuse us for last week, rather, excuse Amazon. An AWS email problem caused Efficiency Is Everything to be flagged and blocked. We apologized and lets see how it goes this week.

In the future, expect less articles, but better.

And GM announced getting rid of 15% of their contractors. So…

11-28-18 Rational Decision Making- Choosing Your Next Job With Math

$/hr does not include vacation, health insurance, work culture, and job security. Putting numbers to everything.
Rational Decision Making- Choosing Your Next Job With Math – Click Here

12-5-18 Cost Freeze- Surviving Bad Times

Being close to this GM news, Cost Freeze is in Effect.

This Fortune 500 tool is excellent to put a fast halt on extra spending, find waste, and allocate money to the best sources of value.

Cost Freeze – Click Here

Next Steps

The most useful studies are data heavy. Here is the plan for 2018-

Expect at least 1 major Engineering study by the end of 2018. Mrs. Efficiency wants to share another life changing tip one of these days. Future uncertain… Finance app?

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