3 Years of Sustained Biphasic Sleep – 2000 Hours Saved

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

“I could never go back”

I’ve heard this phrase from multiple people who have changed to biphasic sleep.

6 hours at night, and a 20 minute nap saves 12 hours a week. This is life changing.

The Schedule

Sleep for 6 hours.

Take a 20 minute nap.

That’s it.

What this functionally looks like: From 12am until 6am, we sleep. After work, we nap for 20 minutes aiming sometime in the hours of ~4-6pm.

3 Years Of Lessons Learned

You don’t need to sleep for 20 minutes. Even 5 minutes of sleep will feel like 2 hours and you will be refreshed. Set an alarm, don’t move or open your eyes.

You don’t need to be perfect. Sicknesses or a physical/tiring day are good reasons to ‘feed your body’ with additional sleep. Sleeping in 7 hours on the weekend feels like traditional 9 hour sleep-in. Even indulging is better with biphasic sleep.

While your body will respond better to a regular sleep schedule, we have found that biphasic sleep is freeing. Life becomes more flexible when you are awake 2 more hours than everyone else.

Some odd places we napped- During wedding receptions, and no one noticed. We trade off nap times during car rides. But otherwise, its almost always in our bed.

While its highly suggested the first 3 weeks you stay strict despite the massive amount of pain it takes to change schedules- you will not need to be this rigid. And serious warning, the first 3 weeks are brutal.

Dr. Mandy Kirk, before starting Move To Success PT was working 10 hour days at the hospital. She’d come home at 8pm, eat dinner, nap for 20 minutes, and join us for our 2hr/wk workout at 9:15pm, and putting up 180lb 3×5 squats. Then we’d video game or watch youtube an hour later before going to bed. This made her life livable.

The Results

Notable people in history did this routine, only further convincing us this is a good idea.

Since starting this, Efficiency Is Everything has over 1 million views, featured on Business Insider, Gizmodo, blah, there are tons more, you know Efficiency.

Also, successfully built a dishwasher that sets your dinnertable, started a non profit, sewed new styles, still working out, all while still spending hours gaming everyday with my Livia. I find it difficult to talk about my personal accomplishments, but I attribute much of it to biphasic sleep.

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