Cleaning Counters Study, Never Forget Groceries, ChatGPT vs Google, New Multitasking, AI Art uses

You may be drawn immediately to the ChatGPT vs Google study, but there is some cutting edge Efficiency in the Wiping Countertops study and Kitchen Inventory Solutions. It is a cornerstone release.

Over 20 time saving videos between 1 and 3 minutes long, watch at 2x speed for added efficiency on Youtube.

Save Time

FEATURE ARTICLE Wiping Countertops: With this study, I can’t imagine any further optimizations to the process. At a minimum, when wiping a counter, use the biggest rag/towel you feel comfortable with. There are a bunch more tips, but that in particular was a great finding.

ChatGPT vs Google: ChatGPT mostly won, but sometimes it didn’t. Might be worth understanding where Google is still better. If you already know this, feel free to skip this.

New Innovative Multitasking: I asked chatGPT how to multitask during the 5 seconds it takes to turn a shower knob to “On”. It gave me some interesting results for similar questions.

Save Money and Quality of Life Improvement

FEATURE ARTICLE Kitchen Inventory Solutions: I read and applied a logistics book to your kitchen groceries so you don’t have to. These are mind-bogglingly simple solutions to prevent forgetting groceries or running out of ingredients mid-week, saving you time, money, and frustration.

AI Art uses: Make art or get ideas for decorations. Some ideas for AI Art and how to get started.

Speed Cooking

It tastes alright at best, but you have all your food ready to eat in 2 minutes active time. Its incredible and the food is edible. Buy Speed Cooking: Experimental Alpha.

Wish You The Best

Coming up next time: Printed Pictures Per dollar, Parties Per Second(Efficient Parties), and if the inflation stops, some updated prices.

Move quickly on the AI/ChatGPT, I urge you not to be left behind. Its an incredible time saver.

Best Regards,
Lead Enginer
Michael Kirk