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Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

With Efficiency we don’t have to worry about money anymore.

The goal of Efficiency is Everything is to teach everyone how to save time and Money. The cookbook and workout are really good.

EDIT: Unfortunately the original cookbook specifically cannot be posted because there is a physical version available on Amazon, which can be found below. In its place, let me recommend some recipes from the healthier and cheaper variant here. Maybe send me an email if you want the original pdf, you know, for historical purposes 😉

New Physical Cookbooks:Original 3$/day Efficiency Is Everything In Cooking and New Healthy ~1.50$/day cookbook

Change your body forever with the 2 Hour Per Week Workout and the Quick Start Cheat Sheet

Here’s Efficiency Is Everything – In Life

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The New Goal

If we can reach 5,000 dollars, I will match and we can finance 2 interns to work 12 hours a week for 28 weeks completing studies that will help everyone.

The goal is to raise 5000 dollars to create more studies on Industrial Engineering Life.