Productive Sickness, Productive Watching TV, Cheapest and Easiest Yogurt and Alcohol, Cleaning Chemistry, Daycare Alternatives 2022 Q2-Q3

Are you spending less than 2 active minutes cooking your food per day? If so, thank you for making Speed Cooking our best seller. The popularity of Speed Cooking has been an economic indicator that I can’t avoid. I’m not sure if people like Speed Cooking in general, or want time saving studies, but this effect has been noted.

8 articles – some save time, some save money, some will improve your quality of life! (New features! Some articles have custom in-article calculators!)

Save Time

Double Productive Watching TV– Is everyone around you watching a show and you feel the need to get ‘cultured’? Get cultured and knockout life’s necessities at the same time.

Double Productive Watching Kids– If the kids are playing nice by themselves, why ruin it? Instead optimize it further with some ideas for multitasking.

Productive Sickness– You will get sick in the future and you can either sulk in misery, or sulk in youtube… or a different set of productive activities.

Block Ads AND mid-video sponsors to save 30+ hours per year(5 minutes per day)- Adblock is pretty common, but with mid-video sponsors it was becoming unavoidable until… Sponsorblock! My favorite download of 2022, and its free!

Quality of Life

Cleaning Chemistry– 8 different ways to clean. The top results of Google’s page 1 suggested mixing an Acid and a Base, which makes water and a salt. I hope this to be your go-to the next time you can’t get a stain out of a shirt, or residue off a pan.

Save Money

Daycare, Stay at Home, or a Third Way– The math to decide if staying at home is really ‘break even’ and an alternative solution that has saved us tens of thousands of dollars.

Cheapest and Easiest Alcohol– This creates a negative externality, so read this at society’s peril. “Prison Hooch” is soo easy to make. 7+ alcoholic drinks per dollar.

Homemade yogurt, $1.50 per day/Perfect Eating approved– Boil milk, let cool, add a scoop of yogurt, and wait.

Misc Tips and Conclusion

Alex H. suggests getting a sideways cellphone charger so you can yank your phone to unplug it with 1 hand. The Electrical Engineer in me cringes at hurting the $5 cable, but I like the idea of saving time.

I thought Chicken Shawarma performed really well for minutes of flavor per calorie because I can still taste the garlic 10 minutes later.

Are you prepared for buying health insurance this year? If you don’t plan to be sick/give birth, pick the cheapest plan. If you do, read the article. Good decisions on health insurance can save you a half million dollars in your lifetime.

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Leaving you with some inspiration to improve your qualities- “What’s the sanest(logical) thing we can do or say? Whatever it may be, you can do or say it. Don’t pretend that anything’s stopping you.” -Marcus Aurelius

Wish you the best,
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Michael Kirk