Q2 2023: Clean Faster, Faster Laundry, Easier and Faster Parties, Get To Bed On Time, Cheapest 4×6 Photos

I’m going to raise book prices. Now is the time to buy: EIE In Cooking(huh? blocked on amazon, get it free here), Perfect Eating, Speed Cooking. As an FYI, I’m in the beginning stages of a book titled “Speed Cooking in 4 Minutes Per Day: This Time The Food Tastes Good”

I have exclusive content on youtube. Some extra studies that I didn’t want to post on this website for one reason or another.

Save Time

(Feature Article) Reduce Transportation Waste During Cleaning: Save 500 hours in your lifetime by learning how to use Opportunistic Cleaning and Carts. Mrs. Efficiency says this article is stellar and super value added, full of good applicable tips.

(Feature Article) In Control Bed Time: Get you or your kids to bed on time using Statistical Process Control or a good enough estimate.

Low Time/Low Effort Parties: Providing ideas to make parties easier and take less effort. I didn’t include catering, everything is still DIY.

Separate Laundry by Person or Category To Save Time: Basically just read the headline and apply it, if you want to understand why the sorting science works, I have an article.

Save Money

4×6 Photos Per Dollar: Walmart probably wins for bulk photos, in-store pickup using SnapFish + CVS/Walgreens is best for small orders. You might get an exception with coupons/loss leaders.

Personal stuff:

This is super late because I was sick for 2 weeks due to me being in denial about a late onset egg allergy, then Windows and OneDrive sucks so I had to install Linux. Linux is awesome.

My Wife decided to go the Millionaire Estates route instead of Country Side Acres. (My plan for Lean FI/RE has been delayed at least for 7 years). This means I should have plenty of money for future studies. It also means that I’ll be even further pressed for time, expect more time saving studies! If you want a money saving article, reach out to me.

Remember, no pointless actions!

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Michael Kirk