Speed Cooking, Double Productive Friendship, Save Time Watching Kids With Montessori, Gatorade, Protein Powder Per Dollar 2022 Q1

Should be something for everyone this quarter, time saving and money saving articles.

New Time Saving Book

Speed Cooking ($35) – New book! More of a guidebook than a cookbook. This is how to spend less than 2 minutes per day actively cooking food. It is crazy fast, however I’ll admit the food is only as good as many premade spices or premade sauce jars you get in the grocery store. I wouldn’t make these recipes for your in-laws. If you just graduated from college and are making food for the first time, this is going to be the best book you ever bought.

Is $35 expensive for a 12,500 word book? Consider that you can save 120 hours in the first year of owning this book. Would you pay $0.30 for an extra hour of time? A separate calculation saving 40 minutes per day using the recipes 3.5 days per week, for 6 years would save you 730 hours. $0.05 per hour. That’s 125x better than hiring a US minimum wage worker.

Time Saving Articles

Double Productive Friendship – As much as I enjoy my friends, my responsibilities were causing me to become a hermit. My solution was to combine necessary activities with friendship.

Save Time Watching Kids With Montessori Style Parenting – Instead of watching your kids, let them be independent in a curated environment. Its good for their development, or at least Maria Montessori and her followers believe so. I mostly agree.

6 Year of Biphasic Sleep – Back to 6 hours per night of sleep as our infant is now sleeping through the night.

Save Money

Homemade Gatorade/Pedialyte Down To The Milligram – Tastes like the real stuff, works for rehydration/sports/hangovers. Using Stoichiometry, I have a formula that is more accurate than any SEO spam I found on Google.

Protein Powder Per Dollar 2022 – Inflation is here, and I was curious what the cheapest protein powder was. Check out the update with a few new brands evaluated.

Business Updates

We are profitable!!! For the first time in our 7 year history Revenue was greater than Expenses. Thank you to everyone who donated or bought a book, it made Efficiency Is Everything a legitimate business according to the taxman. More Efficiency Is Everything to come. See our 2022 vision here.

Leaving you with a Stoic quote from Marcus Aurelius: ‘When you are bothered by things, remind yourself “I’m giving in to pain”‘.
Wish you the best,
Lead Engineer
Michael Kirk