The Data

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

One of our guiding principles is- Speak Up for Quality Data

Good data is necessary in Industrial Engineering and effort is taken to ensure its valid and accurate. We encourage everyone to Speak Up, if you see something inaccurate or incorrect.

Second Hand Data

We do have to take information from sources. The USDA, packaging, and restaurant websites all have unique data. It has been observed that this data can be off by +/-30%. This is well known in the nutrition community that these numbers have somewhat large variations.

Solving the Problem of Bad Data

With a data set we have scale. We can see a wide variety of items and ranges. This allows us to draw conclusions on items when they are magnitudes different from their competitors. While 30% swing might sound like much, it barely affects the 1000 Calorie Per Dollar Pinto Beans vs 400 Calorie Per Dollar McDonalds comparison.

Further, we seek general patterns to model the system. This gives applicable solutions for the user, despite potentially bad data.

Highest Quality Data

However, 30% variations are not good enough. People make decisions based on Efficiency Is Everything. As a result, we will begin to include various sources as necessary to validate data and our conclusions.

Data will always be available for you to download and read for yourself. Comments as necessary to give you the best content for making decisions.

Raw data is always verified and from first hand sources. Its as perfect as we can obtain.

The rest is just Math.


For transparency and our mission. Here is a list of Incidences that have helped us improve our data.

Speak Up

One of our guiding philosophies is to Speak Up if you see anything wrong. Everyone benefits.

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Speak Up

Our Goal

The goal of Efficiency Is Everything is to create consumer data on Industrial Engineering Life.

There is no room for marketing influences, Engineering is black and white. The numbers are the only quality metric.

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