The New Efficiency Is Everything

Want the data now? Skip to the ending, every restaurant and fast food place, Calories Per Dollar and Protein Per Dollar.

Efficiency is Everything is back, expect Industrial Engineering applied to your life.

Efficiency- Michael Kirk:

Hello and if you are reading this, thank you for being the reason I run Efficiency Is Everything.

~10 months ago I took a break from Efficiency Is Everything, and admittedly I’m back for now.

I have always had a dream to ‘make an app’.

Now- I’ve made apps, Efficiency Is Everything had a few android apps, and I have some web apps for studying your own Calories Per Dollar and Fun Per Dollar. They kinda sucked, needing a bit of instruction, or having a quirk that needed to be mentioned.

But this idea was different. This was my ‘After’ Efficiency idea. This was going to be my hail mary. This is when you take all 3 decades of your life, and throw that experience into making something ‘perfect’.

In this process I have changed, and while it has been a personal thing, it has far reaching consequences. In 1 paragraph-

I’ve realized that between my new programming skills and my incredible Dr. Mandy Kirk, we are likely going to be lifetime 10%ers. This gives us great responsibilities as well. How can I use my resources, time and money, to solve the greatest problems?

  1. Should I put my resources into a finance-tech app with the goal of using profit to finance more Efficiency Is Everything studies and our non-profit Kids In Kitchens?
  2. Should I limit Efficiency Is Everything to having 1 Engineer working 1,600 hours a year and put all time resources into this?

My decision to allocate resources to Efficiency Is Everything studies and articles is to grow this idea of Life Industrial Engineering.

Everything Free

Everything, including our cookbook is free. The goal is to have everyone use Industrial Engineering principles and significant time and money in their life. We really do eat for $20 a week per person.

These ideas are good for everyone.

We need to Capitalism Efficiency

Unfortunate reality is that Capitalism doesnt like that I’m running Efficiency Is Everything at a loss. If you don’t profit, you die. Profit and growth feed itself like the profitable capitalistic machines around us.

If we can successfully Capitalism Efficiency, there will be unbelievable studies we can accomplish. Imagine the discoveries studying Industrial Engineering Life with millions of dollars of revenue.

However, information needs to be free. No restricting data in paid books for petty profits, reiterating- The goal is to grow Life Industrial Engineering.

Our New Format – Wikipedia Model

We raise money for Engineering Interns.

We are looking to raise 5,000 dollars, to get an intern to work 12 hours a week for 28 weeks.

And interns don’t know better, so they work surprisingly hard.

We would like You to consider donating to hire more Engineering Interns and fund more studies.

Intern Accomplishments

Our Efficiency Is Everything Team has created the complete repository of Fast Food and Restaurants Calories Per Dollar. A study that took the entire summer every Monday-Thursday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, these minds worked.

These interns learned that seemingly simple problems had complexities that they HAD to solve with math. And not to get off-topic, but I have successfully built a dinner table that washes and sets the dishes. During design phase, we witnessed their Jetson’s fantasy crashing down with a mechanical engineering realities. It was cute. Everyone learned.

To our benefit, interns Josh and Donald had one final project. To solve their own Life problem. Expect to see Josh’s conclusions on, Lazy Food Calories Per Dollar. And Donald’s incredibly useful Cellphone Talk, Text, and 4G Data Per Dollar which will be released next week.

Check out their masterpiece, featuring work from other interns over the years particularly, Matt and Haley.

Click here for the complete Restaurant Per Dollar List, Or Google your favorite restaurant- X Calories Per Dollar.

More Life Studies

Help us raise 5,000 dollars, to get an intern to work 12 hours a week for 28 weeks.

Bonus: At $100, we provide the opportunity to meet and hear about your life and conduct a study that can optimize it for everyone’s benefit.

Fund Life Industrial Engineering


Support the study of more Life Industrial Engineering and share. Teach others that Life Industrial Engineering exists.

Announcement: We have a new Shortlink, goeie.co