Time Saving Study, Live Dishwasher Show, and Efficiency Baby.

New Article is at bottom, I personally saved 3 minutes per day, 18 hrs per year.

Live Show Friday- A Dishwasher that cleans and sets the dinner table

I’ve been building a Dishwasher. It also sets the table.

To me and my Mechanical Engineer’s surprise, it works AND it can get Mac and Cheese clean.

Friday we are having a live showing in-front of an audience at 9PM, expect technical difficulties and delays, but there should be a link on the homepage.

More Efficiency Articles!

I am amazed. Multiple people have (attempted) to support Efficiency Is Everything. Enough was raised to have an intern work for a week. (Except my payment processor flopped and canceled the transactions, can we switch to Bitcoin yet?)

The Wikipedia format is working! So far we have raised 130 of our 5000 goal to hire more interns to study Life Industrial Engineering.

Accurate Data

The data Efficiency Is Everything collects is first hand.

The math Efficiency Is Everything uses is valid.

And if there is ever an error, let me know. The data is vetted and if you would like to see how something was calculated, visit the raw excel file. There are ways we standardized the chaos of life. The premier way to enjoy Efficiency Is Everything is to read the excel file, however we provide the conclusions in the article.

As a transparent FYI, this is about the Caloric content in our already recommended Pinto Beans. The USDA calorie value exceeds what is listed on the company provided Great Value package by 30%. The conclusion of the article is the same, but none-the-less, we do not consider 30% an acceptable variation. The next food study will use USDA info and company package info.

Data needs to be the highest quality, the rest is just math.

In the future, you will see me ask people to ‘Speak Up’ if you see something. Good data is a core principle of Engineering, and this will be enforced. Further, we will be documenting any Incidences where bad data was found and linking to them on a Data page. Remember, Speak Up if you see bad data.

Efficient Babies

And….You arent supposed to tell people for 3 months, but we couldn’t contain our excitement. Mrs. Efficiency is pregnant! Efficient Children is coming.

Time Savings With Process Flow Chart

The long overdue article about the core tool of Industrial Engineering, save time with:

Process Flow Charts – Click Here