Website Updates Q1


If this is your first email, here is our $6, 2 minute, slow-cooker recipe that feeds 5 people, promised originally. Apparently email automation was not working.

Also, announcing that we will be emailing significantly less going forward. Each email will have multiple full Engineering studies.

2019 So Far

We released a massive store to store comparison, and the biggest conclusion was finding the clear and overwhelming benefit to online over brick and mortar. And Dr. Mandy Kirk, Mrs. Efficiency insists I mention this is the Baby Items Per Dollar article.

In addition donations put Engineering Intern Josh to work. He has been collecting prices, nutrition, and more for-

Store To Store Comparison – Dog Food Per Dollar

We have funds to apply Industrial Engineering to Laundry. Ergonomic Laundry is being researched and looks to be promising.

And Cat owners- Dog owners have their own Efficiency Is Everything Article. Buy Intern hours to study your own pet food article.


The Future

Next Update Q2: Calories Per Dollar 2019 and Efficient Laundry.

And: We are getting about 1500 views/day. The day has come. Servers are costing multiple hundreds of dollars. Emailing You has now amounted to cost a few hundred dollars a year.

This is a warning ahead of time that if I make a special edition, half political fueled, 100% efficient-

The Food We Ate When I Lost My Job Due To Trump Tariffs Cookbook

It will be to fund the servers.

It will be special edition and limited time because I don’t like the idea of charging money to use Efficiency Is Everything. This would purely be to raise server funds and would definitely have a rant in favor of Free Markets and not Tariffs.

We ate cheap. There is even a section called- On Friday We Had Butter.

Expect the limited release to be out next update.

More Efficiency

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