Applying Protein Per Dollar – Easy And Affordable Ways To Lose Weight And Build Muscle

I just finished my diet. I started 3 months ago and lost 15 lbs.

I am often asked,

‘Why are you trying to lose weight?’

Unfortunately it isn’t some noble cause – I plan to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of beer this summer.ThisIsWeight

I didn’t have self control

Over the last 3 years, I’ve found myself gaining weight by simply enjoying life during the months of June through February. Between Summer camping, Fall football, and the holidays, I seem to put on weight throughout the year.

This would be unsustainable to my health if I didn’t take a moment every year to slightly adjust my diet.

When I diet I still have lavish dinners, but I shape up my morning meals and weekends. Imagine the freedom to eat a donut, pizza, potatoes and gravy. This breakfast and lunch routine gives me 1,000 calories to spend throughout the day on whatever I want to enjoy.

Workout Recommendations

I’m working on my own content in this relm, but for now- I like the Starting Strength routine. I also highly recommend writing down gym sets, reps, and weights. What gets measured gets managed.

Protein Per Dollar

Using my extensive list of items, sorted by protein per dollar, I’ve developed processes to prepare protein cost effectively during my diets. Here is the extensive list of items, sorted by Protein Per Dollar:


Download As Excel File

Want More Efficiency? I do the math for everything – you get the results, you save time and money. Get Efficient Tips:

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Cool numbers, now lets apply it to your life!


Delicious Data-Driven Breakfast or Lunch:

  • 140 Calories of Lentils, Beans, or (Brown) Rice (7-14g protein)
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil, 14g of cheese, or 2 tbsp Sour Cream (70 Calories)
  • 150-200 grams of Chicken, approx 1 full chicken breast. (200 Calories, ~50g Protein)
  • Now here is the greatest diet tip I have: Add an absurd amount of seasoning shaker.


If you have The Cookbook, you know I never like using the premade stuff because I make homemade seasonings once a year Mass Production Style.

My reason for the exception- Variety.

You want your chicken to taste like Fresh Garlic Herb? Change your mind, right next to that shaker is Savory Montreal Chicken. Sick of those two? Sweet Smoky Spice Rub is a fine alternative. Check out your grocery store’s spice isle and have fun.

I recommend looking at the ingredients and trying to get a variety, if the first 3 ingredients are Garlic, Onion, and Salt its going to taste similar to the shaker with the first ingredients Onion, Garlic, Salt.

It wont feel like dieting when you are excited to feast on an Exotic Garlic Chicken and Lentils with sour cream. Its a perfect blend of Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, and Fiber to keep you full and satisfied.

Lets Apply Engineering! Mass Production Time

My Sunday Routine:BeansNCheese

  1. Make 7 Servings of:
    • Beans – Throw in Slow Cooker on low with lots of water for 8 hours
    • Lentils – Throw in boiling water for 15 minutes
    • Note: Beans and Lentils really are this easy, strain the water and enjoy
  2. Divide(I usually weigh or scoop with a measuring cup)
  3. Add cheese, sour cream, or olive oil to each container.
  4. Refrigerate

When it comes time to eating, I put a Fast Food amount of salt or seasoning shaker on. Make your first experience with Beans and Lentils a good one.


For Chicken Breasts:Chicken2

  1. Turn on oven to 375F (190C)
  2. Spray non-stick on a oven safe pan
  3. Get Chicken – Cut off any fat or gross things you dont want to eat
  4. (optional) Butterfly the chicken breasts to cook faster and evenly
  5. Throw on the pan, put in oven for 8 minutes, flip, wait another 8 minutes
  6. Take out and divide in containers. Refrigerate.

That usually takes about 25 minutes to make 14 meals. Each for around $1. “Fast” Food companies, get on my level – I’m still bitter about a 30 minute drive through after a drunken night…

Challenge for you – buy a small bag of beans or lentils your next grocery trip, and try it. Its not like they are expensive or difficult this is about easy, cost efficient food.

Breakfast and Lunch done? What do you want for dinner, Creamy Alfredo or Pad Thai?

I suppose I should mention here, you should be counting your Calories after Lunch. 1,000 Calories goes a long way, but that doesnt mean you should binge. I find that eating a consistent number of calories a day kept me less hungry, had me losing weight at a regular rate, and limited my hunger to the moments the microwave was heating food than between meals.

The Ultra LazyDesperate

Don’t have time to eat a meal? Need to eat on the go? Forgot to prep food?

  • A double scoop of Protein Powder (40g Protein, 200 calories)
  • 8 Oz Milk (8g Protein, 120 Calories)
  • 1 Bag Frozen Veggies (~200 Calories)

This isnt a bad meal, this is merely a boring meal. Looking forward to a Rich Stew or Cheesy Casserole for dinner, this lunch will do the trick. Veggies can be eaten Frozen, Room Temperature, or Hot.


Are you still hungry? I give you the 2 biggest cheats that got me under ~6% body fat:


As a caffeine addict, I have a special place in my heart for copious amounts of coffee, even if we almost set our office on fire due to our outrageous consumption. Protip: use filter paper, not paper towel…

I know everyone says you need to have a breakfast to boost metabol- yeah yeah… I found that a cup of coffee in the morning could buy me a few hours, meaning a later breakfast, a later lunch, a later dinner, and no need for a late night snack.

That worked well for the first few weeks, then I started drinking about 4 cups of coffee a day. I could have went an entire morning and afternoon without eating. The blend of water to hydrate and the stimulant that our population enjoys seem to be a great combination to fight hunger. Before splurging on a snack, if you drink coffee, have another cup.

What about cream and sugar?

Don’t be weak, black coffee makes you tough. You want to be tough right?

If you must have sugar/cream, count your calories. I’d rather eat more mexican food for dinner.


Fool your body into thinking its eating. If I was hungry after a meal, I’d drink a huge glass of water and chew on some sugar free gum. After 20 minutes, my body would be full from the actual meal I ate. Mint or Cinnamon were choice as they have that weird taste that makes me not want to eat anything.

When I was going for an absurdly low body fat, I’d alternate coffee and gum for hours.

A stimulant, a trick that fooled me into thinking I was eating, lots of water, and a healthy diet. Its a recipe for success.

BONUS: Delicious Healthy Late Night Snack

Get frozen veggies(mixed or a specific), put in a covered bowl, microwave for 99 seconds, stir, another 99 seconds.  Once it is hot, add a Fast Food amount of salt to it and enjoy. Still less salt and calories than a candy bar. When you use the same tricks as Food Companies, you can make fresh food taste even better than their processed food.

What does a $0.90 meal look like? Get Your First Efficient Recipe- Delicious, Nutritious, And Takes 2 Minutes To Prepare:

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