Error Proof Your Shower Temperature To Save 300 Hours

This is SO easy and you will notice the benefits right away. Think about other places around your home that can benefit from Error Proofing.

Error Proofing

In the assembly line, we will use many different methods to prevent mistakes. There are a bunch of methods:

A Tiny Pin Causes Interference, The Part Will Not Install If Built Incorrectly
A Tiny Pin Causes Interference, The Part Will Not Install If Built Incorrectly

  • Using a shape with an unbuildable interference to prevent an incorrect assembly
  • Using colors to denote the correct part or configuration
  • Using a marking to show the final location of a component

Its not that people are unable to do a job, its that we ALL make mistakes. If you do an action enough, you will eventually make a mistake.

Error proofing isnt about ability, its about quality and time saving.

Your Shower Temperature

Surprisingly Hard To Take A Photo With The Shower Running 😀

Do you start your shower, wait for it to heat up, test it, adjust a little bit, wait, test, then hop in?

Most of the time. But has it taken 3 or sometimes 4 times to get it right? Do you jump in anyway and deal with the discomfort until things are right?

Error Proof

We are going to make a small mark near the Temperature Control Valve, I use a shower crayon, but tape will work fine.

  1. Start your shower, find the perfect temperature.
  2. Stand in the normal position that you choose the temperature.
  3. Mark the Temperature Control Valve position with Tape or Shower Crayon.

Note: Make sure when marking you are standing in your normal position. If you are looking at it from the inside of the shower, you will see it from a different angle.

The Math

Works For Our 70 Year Old Shower - It Will Work For You
Works For Our 70 Year Old Shower – It Will Work For You

It takes our shower:

30 seconds to heat up,
10 seconds to feel and adjust the Temperature Control Valve,

20 seconds for the water to catch up,
60 seconds x 365 days x 50 years = 1,095,000 seconds,
304 Hours

That’s 912 episodes of Scrubs you could be watching on Netflix(1,100 episodes if you watch at 1.2x speed)

Your Turn

Do this today, notice the effects tomorrow. It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes, meaning you recoup your time in a day. You will benefit your whole life.

Think of other places you can error proof. We have a white laundry basket for white clothes and a blue laundry basket for colors. No pre laundry sorting. Error Proofing, applied to life.

We do this, everywhere, with everything, in our home. Get our newsletter for easy to use tips and make your life more Efficient saving you money, giving you more time:

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Protein Powder Per Dollar – Guide To Efficient Protein

The question came up, what is the most Cost Efficient source of Protein Powder. Today engineering, math, and data collection answers that question.

Instant, Low Cost, Healthy

I often use Protein Powder as an quick, high protein meal replacement.

That is a calculator watch 🙂

It’s really not that exciting but:

  • 1 scoop of Whey Protein(20g Protein)
  • 8oz or 1 Cup (Whole) Milk
  • Veggies or a fruit.


  • Faster than ‘fast’ food
  • 2x more affordable than the lowest cost fast food (Little Caesar’s 5 Dollar Pizza – 21 g Protein Per Dollar)
  • Healthy and full of Protein.

Think of it nutritionally like eating a few chicken legs with veggies on the side. Depending on who you buy from, it can be a better value than chicken or far worse.

Being an engineer, we are going to use data to optimize the best value of Protein Per Dollar

The Math(Data is below):

We take the servings in a container, multiply that by the protein per serving, then divide that by the after tax cost.



An example:


Servings = 50

Protein Per Serving =24

Cost = $49.99 (online w/ free shipping)



The Data(By Best Value):


Download as Excel File


Using The Results

  • Best Value 51g Protein Per Dollar – Costco with 6lb Cytosport/Muscle Milk Brand (DON’T GET THE VANILLA – traumatizing taste)
  • MyProtein Impact Whey 5.5lb was on par with Costco at 50g Protein Per Dollar

Hate to drop a referral, but MyProtein has a 25% off for new customers. That would make it 66g Protein Per Dollar.

Other tips:

  • Buy in Bulk, better Protein Per Dollar and save on shipping costs.
  • There is a HUGE range of Protein Per Dollar. Make sure you know what you are buying.
  • I suggest trying a smaller size first, otherwise you might end up with an unfavorable tasting mix. I usually pick Unflavored or Chocolate.

For Comparison

  • Chicken Breast – 50g Protein Per Dollar
  • Milk – 50g Protein Per Dollar
  • Eggs -45g Protein Per Dollar
  • 80/20 Ground Beef – 30g Protein Per Dollar
  • Lentils and Beans are  115g and 70g Protein Per Dollar respectively

Not on that list? It’s probably more expensive than a protein shake. Or click here for the Protein Per Dollar List.


Try It:

Ready in <2 minutes

I do a daily protein shake, because Efficiency, but if you are trying it for the first time-

  1. Feel Lazy
  2. Make yourself a protein shake
  3. Eat a fruit or veggie
  4. Feel good about it

If you haven’t used protein from Costco or MyProtein – give it a try.

I use Factory Engineering Principles to make your daily life Efficient.

Join our newsletter for more updates like Vitamin Per Dollar and the expansion of Calorie Per Dollar to include every item at the grocery store.

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Lost My Job And Went To Italy – Tips To Live On $19,000 A Year

rome1I’m 25 years old, I have 2 engineering degrees including a masters, my wife has a doctorate.

We just got back from a multi-week Trip to Italy.

We have no student loans.

I don’t have a Full-Time Job and I think I’m going to enjoy a few months not working.

Living it up

Sure Engineering Jobs pay well, but have you seen the cost of a masters degree? Or a Doctorate? We paid for both.

The secrets:

  • Hardwork
  • A good job
  • A relentless approach to apply Engineering Efficiency to Life.

The first two are up to you, the last – I collected and analyzed the data, you get the tips.

Efficient Diet

We used the Pareto Principle to look at our biggest expenses. Food stood out immediately.

After calculating the Calories Per Dollar of the foods we ate, I found the biggest inefficiency was eating fast food or at restaurants. Go to some generic chain microwaved food restaurant, get chicken fingers and fries – 10 dollars. Get a drink and leave a tip, that’s 15 dollars a person.

For 1 meal.

Microwaved Chicken Fingers.

If you ate that all year, you could expect to spend 12,000 dollars on food per person.

We now eat for close to 1,000 dollars a year. Not chicken fingers, but rather Fajitas, Alfredo, and Thai Fried Rice.

Sometimes We Cavefish

But what about Sushi? What about going out with friends?

We do both. Enjoying the company of friends at a restaurant is not the same as eating for Calories. Indulging in Sushi is one of my personal pleasures. These are experiences.

98% of meals, we eat delicious food made at home. 2% are favorite restaurants or getting drinks with friends. That’s not just calories, that’s an experience.

6 Quick Tips On Saving Food:

Check out our Calorie Per Dollar List Article or Efficiency Is Everything – In Cooking for absurdly more detail.

  1. Get Protein From: Lentils, Beans, Chicken, Milk, Eggs, Ground Beef in that order.  We mostly make Chicken dishes.
  2. For Calories: Bread, Rice, Noodles. Make sure this isnt some processed Instant Rice box, it’s 7x cheaper to cook your own.
  3. Stay away from canned anything, super expensive. Fresh or Frozen is much better value.
  4. Premade frozen or refrigerated meals are 2-8x more expensive than making yourself.
  5. When desperate- The 5 Dollar Pizza from Little Caesars gives you 420 Calories Per Dollar and 20g Protein Per Dollar. It’s still 2x cheaper to eat at home.

Bonus: Make delicious meals in bulk, and learn the skill of the microwave. 99 seconds is the perfect point to stir/check. Plus its the max time you get with 2 buttons.

Challenge For You:

When you get to the grocery store, think about slightly modifying one recipe with a suggestion from above.  And if you are going to try Lentils, put a Fast Food amount of olive oil and salt on it. Indulge on your first day of Efficiency.

That saves us thousands of dollars per person a year, a half million dollars in our lifetime.

You Should Review Your Health Insuranceslurpee

You should look at your health insurance. Seriously. I find most families spend over 300,000 dollars in their lifetime because they got screwed into an expensive plan. Insurance companies go out of their way to make the language hard to understand. I’ve found most of the time, if you cut off your arm and get cancer in the same year, you would be better off getting the lowest cost plan.

Below are some tips, I do the full breakdown + customer support in Efficiency Is Everything – In Life


  • Look for words like: Max Out Of Pocket or Max Deductible and Premium or Cost Per Paycheck. Everything else serves little purpose other than to confuse.
  • Deeply consider low cost plans
  • Factor in how long it takes for you to make up the cost of the deductible with savings from a low cost premium.
  • Keep an emergency savings

Even if it takes hours to figure it out, you will save thousands of dollars a year. If it takes you 3 hours, it would be the equivalent of getting paid ~1,600$/hour.

Online Shopping – The Magical Black Holeagustus

That automatic potato peeler is going to change your life. I mean, imagine not having to peel potatoes but having mashed potatoes on command. Its only $15 right?

Or that Wrist Watch. Pristine, crisp look, and a decent value for what you are getting.

A non-engineering tip I have for my frequent Amazon sweet tooth.

  1. Find the perfect Tea Infuser, a Starwars Lego set, or neat Kitchen Gadget
  2. Add to wish list
  3. Wait until November
  4. Drink Tequila
  5. Go through list and decide what you still want

Get it for Christmas.

I specifically drink a lot of tequila, go through the list with Mandy, and when Christmas day comes, every present is a surprise.

What’s Next?

I’m taking time off work to study Life Efficiency so you can apply it to your own life. Coming this Fall, the official release of Efficiency Is Everything – In Life . Weekly blog posts on every Wednesday so you can get more efficient every week of your life.

If you are too excited to wait, get Efficiency FREE right now by subscribing:

  • Your First Efficient Recipe – See how we eat for 1,000 dollars a year. 2 minutes to make. (700 Calorie Per Dollar, 44g Protein Per Dollar).
  • Fun Per Dollar App– Using an equation I developed, you can find your best and worst Personalized Fun Per Dollar.
  • Sections From Efficiency Is Everything In Life – Process Flow Diagram for a 6 Minute Morning Routine and Reducing Complexity To Get Extra Time. Engineering concepts, taken, and applied to the home easily.


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Watch A 3 Hour Movie In 2 Hours + You Get More Time


This trick I learned is a dire necessity for myself (who has self-diagnosed ADD).

Mandy has the patience of a Monk and watches more TV in the same amount of time. Together we can finish an entire Game of Thrones in one 40 minute sitting. That extra 20 minutes? Homework, Exercise, Family Time, or… More Game of Thrones 🙂

More jokes, more laughs, more drama, more suspense – same time.


Like an assembly line, if we increase the speed of the line, we will see more completed.

Same jokes, same plot, and at 10% faster – you wont notice a difference.

The Math:

Speed up your media player by using a playback of 1.1x speed or higher.

60 minute TV show

Speed up 1.1x

60 minutes/1.1 = ~54 Minutes.

6 Minutes saved, every time you watch.

1.3x speed is my standard, but I’ve watched really long movies at 1.5x speed. Didn’t have to stop to hit the bathroom. Watched the whole way through -no intermission. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I suggest using 1.1x speed for a while, taste how great 6 minutes a day – at no loss to you is. Wouldn’t it be great to sleep in another 6 minutes? Or have extra time to get ready in the morning?

How To Save Time:



Youtube is great for this, given the variety of content. Documentaries, cartoons, people jumping from high places.


1. Click Settings

2. Click SpeedYoutube2.1

3. Select A Speed

4. Save Time



VLC media player:

VLC is my go to for watching movies I have on my computer. DVDs or Files, VLC makes saving time easy.

1. Right click

2. Playback

3. Speed

4. Faster(fine)



Netflix takes an extra step, but the time savings will be well worth it.


1.) Chrome: Download a plugin that can control the speed. I used Video Speed Controller:



2.) Open up chrome://plugins/




3.) Disable Adobe Flash Player (This will enable HTML5 Video)

4.) Start Netflix, Pick a show and hit play.



5.)Use the box in the top left or Simply Tap D and save time – right awaynetflix 6

Thanks Haley for this request, you will be saving other people literally thousands of hours of time.

If you have a media format you would like to be Efficient, Comment below, email, or tweet

Efficiency Challenge: Try it – Get More Time Immediately:

Even if it takes you 20 minutes to figure it out how to get your playback faster – you will recoup 24 minutes that within watching four, 1 hour TV shows.

It wont take you 20 minutes 🙂

Protip: Closed Caption is amazing, and will allow you to conquer great speeds.



Want More Efficiency? I do the math – You save time and money.

Subscribe and get FREE now:


  • Your First Efficient Recipe – See how we eat for 1,000 dollars a year. 2 minutes to make. (700 Calorie Per Dollar, 44g Protein Per Dollar).
  • Fun Per Dollar App– Using an equation I developed, you can find your best and worst Personalized Fun Per Dollar.
  • Sections From Efficiency Is Everything In Life – Process Flow Diagram for a 6 Minute Morning Routine and Reducing Complexity To Get Extra Time. Engineering concepts, taken, and applied to the home easily.


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Save 12 hours A Week Sleeping + 4 Tips On How To Fall Asleep Fast

Let me guess:

You stay up later than you plan

You occasionally can’t fall asleep right away

You are super busy in the mornings before work

You wake up tired

You get tired in the afternoons

Biphasic sleep has solved ALL of those – We sleep 12 hours less a week.

After 2 months of working 60 hours a week at the Day Job, spending time eating dinner, trying to find time to work out, have family time with Mandy, and playing an
occasional Video Game… Mentally I needed a break.  Something needed to change.

We tried out out Biphasic Sleep – Sleeping two times a day instead of one, 8 hour sleep. Its hypothesized this was the way humans have slept before the invention of electricity. This has the benefit of saving 1.5 hours a day but getting the same number of REM cycles(deep sleep).

Here is a list of plans we read up on:


The Original Plan:

  • 1.5 hours of sleep after work
  • 5 hours of sleep at night
  • This would give us 10.5 hours more time to be awake.
  • Goal time to nap is 6 PM every evening. This allows us to nap between 1 PM and 8 PM.
  • Goal core sleep is 12:00-12:30 AM until 5:20 AM.

Week 1 – I was not adjusted. Tired after waking up, tired after 2-3pm.

Week 2 –  I was still not adjusted. All the articles said I should be feeling fine by now.

Week 3 – I was about to give up. However, this was by far the busiest week yet and even though I wanted to quit, we never had a chance.

Week 4 – I had begun to feel normal again.


Now at this point, I was working just under 75 hours a week, and I had been able to maintain my Video Game/ Wife/ Workout lifestyle. Wasn’t any more tired than normal.

After 3 months, we found the 1.5 hour nap was difficult given evening invitations or commitments. We researched another schedule.

The Winner:400px-Biphasic.svg

  • 20 minute nap after work
  • 6 hours of sleep at night
  • 12 hours extra per week, and a bit of flexibility on when we nap.

Took 3 weeks, but we have LOVED this. Same high energy as ever. I feel even more energetic in the evenings than before. We’ve even taken naps and people didn’t notice we went missing. I don’t see myself ever changing.

How to fall asleep quickly:

  • Have a before sleep routine and don’t break it.
  • Stick to similar hours for sleep, always set alarms, stick to similar on weekends. Especially for first 3 weeks.
  • Mandy’s tip: focus on breathing to prevent you from thinking
  • Best Tip: Quickly find a position to sleep in, close your eyes, don’t move, don’t open your eyes, just wait.

My Sleep routine is:

  1. Bathroom
  2. Set alarm
  3. Lay in bed on my back enjoy the feeling of the bed for about a minute
  4. Turn
  5. Close my eyes
  6. Don’t move until my alarm goes off.

After a missed nap + Notes:

If we missed a nap, we usually slept an extra 90 minutes the next day. I would not recommend missing a nap often or sleeping in during the first 3 weeks.

Caffeine is not recommended, I was guilty a few mornings. I don’t recommend using caffeine after noon if you are taking evening naps. I also don’t recommend more than 1 cup of coffee.

This strangely made dieting more difficult, being awake longer meant more times for my mind to wander and think about food.

Want More Efficiency? I do the math – You save time and money.

Subscribe and get FREE now:

  • Your First Efficient Recipe – See how we eat for 1,000 dollars a year. 2 minutes to make. (700 Calorie Per Dollar, 44g Protein Per Dollar).

  • Fun Per Dollar App– Using an equation I developed, you can find your best and worst Personalized Fun Per Dollar.
  • Sections From Efficiency Is Everything In Life – Process Flow Diagram for a 6 Minute Morning Routine and Reducing Complexity To Get Extra Time. Engineering concepts, taken, and applied to the home easily.

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The 5 Cooking Cheat Codes That Physiologically Taste Good

The In-laws are coming over? Entertaining to impress? Never cooked before but want something that tastes awesome?

You are not going to believe how easy this is….

Make Food Taste Good by Cheating

Make the best tasting food ever without learning how to cook.

Our body biologically craves certain flavors. Psychology has also found tricks that make food taste better without adding calories. Here are the ‘cheat codes’ to making food taste good. This is a scientific approach to the taste of food.

I. Premise

  • The human body is always trying to survive, as a result it wants quick energy and long term energy.
  • Our bodies have receptors to taste some minerals and vitamins. This tells the body ‘eat this, it has essentials that are required for life.’
  • Our brain has found that vibrant colors and complex dishes are more appealing.
  • Combining these, form the basis for what most food companies and professional chefs use on almost every dish.

II. Goal

To combine all of these ‘cheats’ into a single dish to win taste buds and minds over.

III. Analysis

The following have physiological and psychological triggers to a human body:

Vitamin C- An essential nutrient for multiple aspects of the human body.
Sodium- An essential nutrient that helps regulate many blood functions.
Simple Carbohydrates- Quick energy that can be metabolized easily.
Fats- Long term energy, also used in many essential body functions.
Amino Acids- Same as previous items, the body is always looking for help.
Vibrant Visuals- Variety of color means better variety of nutrients
Aromatics- When your nose can smell it, your body is telling you to eat.
(Optional) Capsaicin- Spiciness in foods cause endorphins to go off. You become happy from eating this because your body still is telling you to keep eating regardless of the pain.

IV. Implementation

To utilize all of those we add the following (note: add slowly and taste as you go) to a dish when we want to impress:
Vitamin C- Acids – Ex: Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Vinegar
Sodium- Salt, taste as you go, we still aren’t going to be adding a McDonald’s amount of salt.
Simple Carbohydrates- Sugar and/or Flour, go easy, we only need a bit. Brown sugar or syrups can be used for a deeper flavor.
Fats- Oils/Butters/Fats/ Creams/Gravies, not for taste, adds a ‘feeling’ of smoothness in your mouth. (Can be flavored for extra taste!)
Amino Acids – MSG, monosodium glutamate. It’s not unhealthy, it’s not dangerous, and the media has misinformed people on this subject. Some people are allergic to MSG, similar to how people are allergic to Peanut Butter or Strawberries. MSG is safe. It can be bought online, it comes in tiny grains, typically a pinch can be added to dishes. Alternatives to MSG: Worcestershire sauce, Fish sauce, oyster sauce.
Colors- Vegetables and fruits contain a vast array of colors, steam or gently fry them. We don’t want them brown. We want them bright!
Aromatics- Garlic, onion, or mirepox (carrots/onion/celery) are common.
Caspian- Hot sauce, cayenne pepper, black pepper, remember this is optional.
Psychology trick- Name your food, “Grandma’s Chili” tastes better than “Chili”.
Layer up- In a recipe, add these to each component in a dish in addition. Ex: Chicken – salt, Veg oil, lime juice. Rice – Salt, Vinegar, sugar, MSG, butter. Veggies: salt, olive oil, hot sauce.

V. Application

  • Include a high calorie per dollar food in every meal and a high protein per dollar food in every meal.
  • Include oils, fats, vegetables, and fruits for ESSENTIAL nutrition.
  • Combine this with a variety of herbs, spices, to make most recipes.
  • Examples of Meals: Fajitas, Fried Rice, Chicken Rice and Gravy, Stir Fry, Tacos, Casseroles, Enchiladas, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Alfredo, Sloppy Joe, Lentil Soup, Burritos.

V. Adjust— WAIT! You Can’t Adjust

Taste as you go. Add a little bit of each one and taste. Consider having a bowl of cooked food to test the outcome of adding each. Next time, pick a dish you already like, and modify these slightly. You can’t take out salt once you added it.

Bon Appetit! Enjoy your new diet, new flavors, and new eating and life habits! 😀



See How I Apply This To Recipes, Check Out Efficiency Is Everything – In Cooking Or Subscribe To Get Efficient Recipes Free

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Applying Protein Per Dollar – Easy And Affordable Ways To Lose Weight And Build Muscle

I just finished my diet. I started 3 months ago and lost 15 lbs.

I am often asked,

‘Why are you trying to lose weight?’

Unfortunately it isn’t some noble cause – I plan to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of beer this summer.ThisIsWeight

I didn’t have self control

Over the last 3 years, I’ve found myself gaining weight by simply enjoying life during the months of June through February. Between Summer camping, Fall football, and the holidays, I seem to put on weight throughout the year.

This would be unsustainable to my health if I didn’t take a moment every year to slightly adjust my diet.

When I diet I still have lavish dinners, but I shape up my morning meals and weekends. Imagine the freedom to eat a donut, pizza, potatoes and gravy. This breakfast and lunch routine gives me 1,000 calories to spend throughout the day on whatever I want to enjoy.

Protein Per Dollar

Using my extensive list of items, sorted by protein per dollar, I’ve developed processes to prepare protein cost effectively during my diets. Here is the extensive list of items, sorted by Protein Per Dollar:


Download As Excel File

Want More Efficiency? I do the math for everything – you get the results, you save time and money. Get Efficient Tips:

* indicates required

Cool numbers, now lets apply it to your life!


Delicious Data-Driven Breakfast or Lunch:

  • 140 Calories of Lentils, Beans, or (Brown) Rice (7-14g protein)
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil, 14g of cheese, or 2 tbsp Sour Cream (70 Calories)
  • 150-200 grams of Chicken, approx 1 full chicken breast. (200 Calories, ~50g Protein)
  • Now here is the greatest diet tip I have: Add an absurd amount of seasoning shaker.


If you have The Cookbook, you know I never like using the premade stuff because I make homemade seasonings once a year Mass Production Style.

My reason for the exception- Variety.

You want your chicken to taste like Fresh Garlic Herb? Change your mind, right next to that shaker is Savory Montreal Chicken. Sick of those two? Sweet Smoky Spice Rub is a fine alternative. Check out your grocery store’s spice isle and have fun.

I recommend looking at the ingredients and trying to get a variety, if the first 3 ingredients are Garlic, Onion, and Salt its going to taste similar to the shaker with the first ingredients Onion, Garlic, Salt.

It wont feel like dieting when you are excited to feast on an Exotic Garlic Chicken and Lentils with sour cream. Its a perfect blend of Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, and Fiber to keep you full and satisfied.

Lets Apply Engineering! Mass Production Time

My Sunday Routine:BeansNCheese

  1. Make 7 Servings of:
    • Beans – Throw in Slow Cooker on low with lots of water for 8 hours
    • Lentils – Throw in boiling water for 15 minutes
    • Note: Beans and Lentils really are this easy, strain the water and enjoy
  2. Divide(I usually weigh or scoop with a measuring cup)
  3. Add cheese, sour cream, or olive oil to each container.
  4. Refrigerate

When it comes time to eating, I put a Fast Food amount of salt or seasoning shaker on. Make your first experience with Beans and Lentils a good one.


For Chicken Breasts:Chicken2

  1. Turn on oven to 375F (190C)
  2. Spray non-stick on a oven safe pan
  3. Get Chicken – Cut off any fat or gross things you dont want to eat
  4. (optional) Butterfly the chicken breasts to cook faster and evenly
  5. Throw on the pan, put in oven for 8 minutes, flip, wait another 8 minutes
  6. Take out and divide in containers. Refrigerate.

That usually takes about 25 minutes to make 14 meals. Each for around $1. “Fast” Food companies, get on my level – I’m still bitter about a 30 minute drive through after a drunken night…

Challenge for you – buy a small bag of beans or lentils your next grocery trip, and try it. Its not like they are expensive or difficult this is about easy, cost efficient food.

Breakfast and Lunch done? What do you want for dinner, Creamy Alfredo or Pad Thai?

I suppose I should mention here, you should be counting your Calories after Lunch. 1,000 Calories goes a long way, but that doesnt mean you should binge. I find that eating a consistent number of calories a day kept me less hungry, had me losing weight at a regular rate, and limited my hunger to the moments the microwave was heating food than between meals.

The Ultra LazyDesperate

Don’t have time to eat a meal? Need to eat on the go? Forgot to prep food?

  • A double scoop of Protein Powder (40g Protein, 200 calories)
  • 8 Oz Milk (8g Protein, 120 Calories)
  • 1 Bag Frozen Veggies (~200 Calories)

This isnt a bad meal, this is merely a boring meal. Looking forward to a Rich Stew or Cheesy Casserole for dinner, this lunch will do the trick. Veggies can be eaten Frozen, Room Temperature, or Hot.


Are you still hungry? I give you the 2 biggest cheats that got me under ~6% body fat:


As a caffeine addict, I have a special place in my heart for copious amounts of coffee, even if we almost set our office on fire due to our outrageous consumption. Protip: use filter paper, not paper towel…

I know everyone says you need to have a breakfast to boost metabol- yeah yeah… I found that a cup of coffee in the morning could buy me a few hours, meaning a later breakfast, a later lunch, a later dinner, and no need for a late night snack.

That worked well for the first few weeks, then I started drinking about 4 cups of coffee a day. I could have went an entire morning and afternoon without eating. The blend of water to hydrate and the stimulant that our population enjoys seem to be a great combination to fight hunger. Before splurging on a snack, if you drink coffee, have another cup.

What about cream and sugar?

Don’t be weak, black coffee makes you tough. You want to be tough right?

If you must have sugar/cream, count your calories. I’d rather eat more mexican food for dinner.


Fool your body into thinking its eating. If I was hungry after a meal, I’d drink a huge glass of water and chew on some sugar free gum. After 20 minutes, my body would be full from the actual meal I ate. Mint or Cinnamon were choice as they have that weird taste that makes me not want to eat anything.

When I was going for an absurdly low body fat, I’d alternate coffee and gum for hours.

A stimulant, a trick that fooled me into thinking I was eating, lots of water, and a healthy diet. Its a recipe for success.

BONUS: Delicious Healthy Late Night Snack

Get frozen veggies(mixed or a specific), put in a covered bowl, microwave for 99 seconds, stir, another 99 seconds.  Once it is hot, add a Fast Food amount of salt to it and enjoy. Still less salt and calories than a candy bar. When you use the same tricks as Food Companies, you can make fresh food taste even better than their processed food.

What does a $0.90 meal look like? Get Your First Efficient Recipe- Delicious, Nutritious, And Takes 2 Minutes To Prepare:

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Alcohol Per Dollar + The 4 Things That Make Drinks Taste Good

Hey… Sometimes you just gotta get “There”.


Today We Have The Data For MilliLiters Of Ethanol(The Drug In Alcoholic Drinks) Per Dollar Spent To Find Out The Most Cost Effective Drinks.


MilliLiters don’t mean much, so we calculated the number of drinks per dollar using a 45ml shot of 0.40% vodka = 18ml of pure ethanol, per 1 drink.

Drinks Per Dollar

The math:

  • MilliLiters (1.75L=1750ml) of Booze * percentage of alcohol as a fraction(40%=0.40) = 700 ml ethanol in the container.
  • 700ml of ethanol / 24$ bottle = 29ml ethanol per dollar
  • 29ml ethanol / 18ml pure ethanol in 1 drink = 1.62 drinks per dollar.


Download As Excel File


I learned something very important here: Yep, I can handle Smirnoff.

Doing this has brought to light how special “Specials” really are at bars. That $2.50, 12 oz beer gives you 0.44 Drinks Per Dollar (not including tip). Anyone want to pregame? 😛

Using Thermodynamics

  1. Make it Cold – Lower temperatures lower the vaporization pressure of ethanol. This means less evaporates into your nose, meaning you taste it less. Add some ice.
  2. Lime/Lemon – As talked about in the 5 cooking cheat codes, Vitamin C is something your body needs to survive. A squeeze of lemon will make your body like the drink better.
  3. Salt – Similar to Lime/Lemon, your body needs Sodium to regulate blood pressure, you need salt or you die. Salt around the rim, a sprinkle in  a drink, or add pop to it.
  4. Sugar – Your body tastes sugar as quick energy. Like Limes and Sugar, your body craves it.


Next time I’ll factor in the lemon needed.

What do you think? How low can you go? What product should I study and add next? Comment below.

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Save Time and Money Right Now By Reading This – Engineering Your Daily Life

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This is my blog about how I apply engineering principles to my life.

I’ll be using statistics, data, and Lean Engineering to make decisions like:

‘Is it more effective to use paper towel, tissue, or toilet paper?’


‘what is my most cost efficient source of caffeine?’


You will find ways to slice time off chores by analyzing non-value added tasks. Its why automotive assembly lines can mass produce cars inexpensively. I study that, and apply it to my daily life – now you will too!

Think of two situations you waste time daily:

Walking back and forth between the closet and bathroom getting ready in the morning.

Jumping around the kitchen grabbing different ingredients, equipment, and gear.

Sure this only takes 5-10 seconds, but over the course of your lifetime, walking back and forth twice a day will take you more than 12,000 minutes over your lifetime. That
is a lot of TV you could be watching(I watch my TV shows at 1.3 times speed, meaning I save 18 minutes on a 1 hour long show).

Applying engineering methodology to food, health insurance, and our finances, I’m looking at the ability to retire by the age of 30.

Me and my wife have found shortcuts on everything from sleep, to food, to doing our hair.

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