Calories Per Dollar of 3 Minute Meals, and 3 year update on Biphasic Sleep

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

This is the last week before I take on some math/data heavier articles. Thus far we’ve had intern articles + my favorite industrial engineering tool. Notably, I’ve been following that new process since, the time saving has been noticeable daily.

2 Articles this week, to make up for last week’s missed article. On a related note-

Often when conducting a study, we collect data for days, then after math and making conclusions we have new ideas of what to study next. This could be finding that frozen burritos are a top deal, trying them, and wanting to see if Costco has frozen burritos cheaper than Walmart. Expect as our knowledge base grows over the next few years, studies will get more detailed and conclusions more beneficial than ever. –And on a separate note, if you see something wrong Speak Up–

The video of our Dishwasher that sets your dinner table will be coming out next week. Thank you to everyone who watched the live show.

Also, special thanks to Jillian and Shay for having a fantastic conversation at a wedding and donating to get interns to work more hours!

3 Minute Meals Calories Per Dollar

This was supposed to be released last week, but wanted to verify a few items, especially since we are going to give them recommendations. Find our Intern Josh’s final study-

3 Minute Meals Calories and Protein Per Dollar – Click Here

Admittedly this has me eating an inappropriate amount of Ramen.

Going on 3 Years of Biphasic Sleep- How To Guide

Dr. Mandy Kirk and myself have been successfully doing Biphasic sleep for almost 3 years. Saving us 1700 hours since starting.

There is a reason I have time to study Efficiency Is Everything, build a Dishwasher that sets your dinnertable, sew my own clothes, work on a finance app, and start a nonprofit. 2 extra hours a day are incredible.
3 Years Of Biphasic Sleep, Tips To Save Time And Never Go Back – Click Here

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