Pizza Per Dollar- You Will Be Surprised To See Good Pizza Near The Top Of The List

Fun article for the 93% of people who ate pizza in the last month. We are the 7% 😛

I’m starting a Youtube channel where we cook recipes that have us eating for $1000/year per person. I wont be posting them here, so make sure you subscribe!

Pizza is a go-to when it comes to almost any social event.

Birthday parties, Superbowl parties, even weddings (yes, I have actually been to a wedding where they served pizza as their main dish)! The question is: What is your most Efficient Pizza?

Best Pizza Per Dollar

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As we’ve known from our original Calorie Per Dollar List The Little Caesar’s 5 Dollar Pizza is your highest Calorie Per Dollar and Protein Per Dollar on the list. It should be noted, this food is 2 times more cost effective than any other pizza place. That’s impressive. However, this still costs about 2x more than we spend on food.

Tastiest Takeaways

I personally cannot handle Little Caesar’s anymore, I had it on Tuesday Nights too many times during my childhood. Apparently my sister having dance class was an excuse to buy those calories 😛

I was shocked to see Jet’s Large Cheese so high on the list, while we don’t eat much pizza, Jets actually tastes okay (IMO) and scored really well.

Honorable mention to Hungry Howies which averages around third place.

The difference in prices get drastic quickly too. Papa Johns and Domino’s costs almost 50% more. At that point I would go to a local favorite, Buddy’s Pizza for nearly the same price point.

If you wanted your restaurant made Efficient, you need to comment and we can study it!

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