Save 400% on Gatorade – By Dr. Alex Harrison

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Dr. Alex Harrison:

Here are some quarantine-friendly, money-saving tips for endurance athletes!

Use table sugar for 80% of intra-workout carbs.

Flavor with whatever beverage you typically use. Saves big $$$$, keeps flavor mild, and moves sugar composition closer to 1:1 glucose:fructose, which is probably more ideal than the 2:1 or worse that is in most drink mixes.

Cheapest Gatorade: $1 / 200g carbs.

Average sugar price: ~$0.25 / 200g carbs.

Use table salt rather than expensive higher-electrolyte endurance drink mixes.

Most people benefit from higher sodium content in their beverages, and there is little, if any benefit from higher potassium in endurance beverages. For all but the most extreme training and environments, with good hydration, table salt (sodium chloride) is sufficient to maximize performance.

In more extreme cases (hotter, more humid, very long-duration and high-effort) you may need to make a one-time purchase of sodium citrate (Amazon) to meet high sodium needs while allowing maximum hydration with reduced osmolarity.

Cost for table salt = less than $0.01 per 2000 mg sodium (sufficient for most folks 2-3-hr training, ~1 tsp)
Cost for sodium citrate = $0.10 per 2000mg sodium serving (~1.75 tsp).
Cheapest Gatorade Endurance Powder = $2.75 per 2000mg sodium.

See the rest of the article on his website.

Website Updates Q1


If this is your first email, here is our $6, 2 minute, slow-cooker recipe that feeds 5 people, promised originally. Apparently email automation was not working.

Also, announcing that we will be emailing significantly less going forward. Each email will have multiple full Engineering studies.

2019 So Far

We released a massive store to store comparison, and the biggest conclusion was finding the clear and overwhelming benefit to online over brick and mortar. And Dr. Mandy Kirk, Mrs. Efficiency insists I mention this is the Baby Items Per Dollar article.

In addition donations put Engineering Intern Josh to work. He has been collecting prices, nutrition, and more for-

Store To Store Comparison – Dog Food Per Dollar

We have funds to apply Industrial Engineering to Laundry. Ergonomic Laundry is being researched and looks to be promising.

And Cat owners- Dog owners have their own Efficiency Is Everything Article. Buy Intern hours to study your own pet food article.


The Future

Next Update Q2: Calories Per Dollar 2019 and Efficient Laundry.

And: We are getting about 1500 views/day. The day has come. Servers are costing multiple hundreds of dollars. Emailing You has now amounted to cost a few hundred dollars a year.

This is a warning ahead of time that if I make a special edition, half political fueled, 100% efficient-

The Food We Ate When I Lost My Job Due To Trump Tariffs Cookbook

It will be to fund the servers.

It will be special edition and limited time because I don’t like the idea of charging money to use Efficiency Is Everything. This would purely be to raise server funds and would definitely have a rant in favor of Free Markets and not Tariffs.

We ate cheap. There is even a section called- On Friday We Had Butter.

Expect the limited release to be out next update.

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1-6-19 New Major Cost Saving Study This Week, New Donations, Downtime

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

We have a major Store to Store comparison, Amazon vs Target vs Target Online vs Walmart vs Walmart Online (vs Buy Buy Baby). Comparing Brick and Mortar vs Online and Store vs Store. This changed our shopping habits.

(baby) Items Per Dollar – A Store to Store Comparison

We have raised $645 to be spent on Interns. Intern Josh has spent only $135 of this on his Dates Per Dollar study. He is backlogged, which is a good problem. Excited to see how his next upcoming studies will turn out. Thank you to everyone who has donated and everyone who is sharing with their friends.

There will be periodic downtime week of 1-7-19 to 1-14-19 to upgrade the website to run faster.

12-24-18-Efficiency Michael is Newly Unemployed + Your Donations At Work, Intern Josh Presents- Dates Per Dollar

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

We have our first donation sponsored article- Dates Per Dollar + Additional quality metrics. This will be both beneficial to Singles and Couples.

Other News- I am a casualty of Tariffs and a General Motors sacrifice.

Next Article- Baby Shower Registry Per Dollar- Comparing Bye Bye Baby, Amazon, Walmart Online, Walmart, Target Online, Target, and Thrift Stores. I expect this to be telling about Brick and Mortar vs Online, and Store vs Store.

We have received a $350 donation from Greg Kopanski, who changed our January plans with his support! He also has incredible time saving tips that I’m looking forward to sharing soon.

Dates Per Dollar Study + Privacy, Creativity, and Classy

Looking for something ‘to-do’ with your partner? Do you want it to be quiet? Interesting? Low cost?

In addition to the metric Minutes of Date Per Dollar, we included Privacy, Creativity, and Classy quality metrics(Boolean, because if it isn’t math driven, its not engineering).

This is our first 100% donation sponsored article, using the first $135 donated by Efficiency Is Everything Users. As a note, I offered our Intern Josh $180, 12 hours of work, but he completed it in 9. Honest and Efficient. If you want to see more studies, consider supporting Josh and our study of Life Industrial Engineering.

Dates Per Dollar – Lowest Cost, Creative and Classy Dates – Click Here

Lead Engineer Michael Kirk is Unemployed

Don’t Panic.

Fortunately our household has planned ahead by Comparing Future Jobs and putting us on Cost Freeze.

Living in Metro Detroit for 28 years, hearing news about a down economy means 1 thing- Layoffs. As much as I blame Tariffs for being bad capitalism, I also made the decision to stay Contract instead of taking a direct position at GM. Opting to accept a higher paying job, and accepting to be part of GM’s ‘Flexible workforce’.

Next steps- As mentioned, I have prepared and in January, I have accepted an Electrical Engineering job at Nissan. Bonus- it pays better too.

However, this means I am off work, for approximately 1 month. If you have an interest in having me complete freelance work, I consider myself proficient in-

12-6-18 Back with Cost Freeze and Rational Decision Making – Picking Your Next Job With Math

Lead Engineer-Michael Kirk:

Excuse us for last week, rather, excuse Amazon. An AWS email problem caused Efficiency Is Everything to be flagged and blocked. We apologized and lets see how it goes this week.

In the future, expect less articles, but better.

And GM announced getting rid of 15% of their contractors. So…

11-28-18 Rational Decision Making- Choosing Your Next Job With Math

$/hr does not include vacation, health insurance, work culture, and job security. Putting numbers to everything.
Rational Decision Making- Choosing Your Next Job With Math – Click Here

12-5-18 Cost Freeze- Surviving Bad Times

Being close to this GM news, Cost Freeze is in Effect.

This Fortune 500 tool is excellent to put a fast halt on extra spending, find waste, and allocate money to the best sources of value.

Cost Freeze – Click Here

Next Steps

The most useful studies are data heavy. Here is the plan for 2018-

Expect at least 1 major Engineering study by the end of 2018. Mrs. Efficiency wants to share another life changing tip one of these days. Future uncertain… Finance app?

We urge you to give feedback via email, share with your friends, donate, or do your own Life Engineering study. Efficiency Is Everything runs at a loss so we can provide Consumer data to everyone.

Cost Freeze

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

We are on Cost Freeze and my credit cards transactions for this month was nearly empty outside groceries and gas. Cost Freeze works.

How Cost Freeze Works

A tool used at the best and most successful fortune 500 companies to tell everyone- Stop.

Non essential is maintained or removed.

Its quite simple. You need to eat. You need to buy gas. Rent/Mortgage, heat(lowered), subscriptions ended.

Then everyone realizes this problem is not so simple and getting some non essentials will improve the situation.

When you begin Cost Freeze, you stop spending money, you scrutinize every purchase, and you review your reoccurring expenses.

Spend Money to Save

Insulation of your home, LED lights, and more can pay for itself.


The Math

Multiple hundred dollars a year in potential savings. Note that expected hours of use are high, but these LEDs are going to last years, this is a quick and dirty estimation. Cost was less than 100 dollars to make the change.

Can you imagine other areas where spending money saves money?

Mind Tricks

Going on ‘Cost Freeze’ is a change in mentality that you decide, declare, and carryout. You will start to save money, and on an extreme basis.

This is cause for innovation, as scarcity in spending money will have you find other uses for time. For instance, instead of getting pie at an expensive restaurant, baking a pie with friends is nearly free. No driving, no parking, no tipping, no drinks- still 100% friendship.

Allocate Resources

After a freeze in spending money, you may find it almost necessary to improve your life. Old shoes, haircut, carbonated drinks, etc…

There is a way to deal with this. Budget. Put a set amount(ie: 50 dollars) towards non essentials, and decide if you would rather fix your shoes or drink diet caffeine free coke.

Hold On

The mild pain of saying ‘No’ to things gives you the benefit of security as you can extend the use of your assets.

While others are in panic about making debt payments, Cost Freeze extends your cash many months.

This may be overkill, but after an economy recovers you will be stronger than before. Good decisions today pay dividends and failure is expensive.

11-27-18 Rational Decision Making – Choosing Your Next Job With Math

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk

GM announced getting rid of 15% of their contractors. So…

Rational Decision Making- Choosing Your Next Job With Math

$/hr does not include vacation, health insurance, work culture, and job security. Putting numbers to everything.
Rational Decision Making- Choosing Your Next Job With Math – Click Here

Next Steps

The most useful studies are data heavy. Here is the plan for 2018-

Expect at least 1 major Engineering study by the end of 2018. It also may be useful to share a Fortune 500 tool called, “Cost Freeze”. Mrs. Efficiency wants to share another life changing tip one of these days.

We urge you to give feedback via email, share with your friends, donate, or do your own Life Engineering study. Efficiency Is Everything runs at a loss so we can provide Consumer data to everyone.

11-21-18 Chemical Engineering Hair Quality, Economy, and Downtime

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

If you have not seen, the results of our detailed health insurance study, it will save you thousands of dollars a year.

This week we look at engineering Quality of life.

And bonus, my personally intense week, is the next economic collapse starting?

Chemical Engineering Hair

Understanding the goal of shampoo, conditioner, and hair products will give you the tools to clean and control your hair.

Chemical Engineering Your Hair – Click Here

Before you skip this one, Dr. Mandy Kirk says its one of my best articles.

Economy and stuff

So- Maybe its the libertarian in me,

GM is starting to buy out old workers, FAANG and general recent stock has been awful, and I think there will soon be a chain reaction debt crisis somewhere in the world. Last reminder to buy Bitcoin before you see the words ‘Quantitative Easing’.

We personally are on cost freeze.

These moments are good and sobering, you take extra effort to watch expenses.

Next week we will have Jobs $/hr, Rational Decision making. Because ‘great health and dental’ should be quantified.

Earlier this week Efficiency Is Everything was down intermittently after going viral, having 178 people on at once took the website down. Thank you for sharing, I will fix the bugs.

Shoutout to Millionaire Mob who utilizes his food with Efficiency Is Everything, and as a bonus, I loved seeing his conclusions echoed what we collected in our Health Insurance study.

I wish you the best in finding ways to be Efficient. I’ve been enjoying my morning routine pay dividends in my own life, I hope it can in yours.
Michael Kirk

Chemical Engineering Your Hair For Best Results

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

My undergraduate degree was in Chemical Engineering. This is what gave me the idea to use stoichiometry in Calories in Calories Per Dollar and every permutation of. Later, working in a foam factory, I took 1 too many 5S classes and became fascinated in Industrial Engineering, eventually getting my masters degree in IE.

Using my knowledge of Organic Chemistry, I have collected notes to understand the inputs and outputs in hair. (These chemical names mean something to me)

This will be the guide to cleaning, maintaining, and styling your hair using Chemistry.

As a warning, I wanted to please everyone. If things get overwhelming, it will get simpler very quickly. A few factoids for my fellow chem engineers.

Diagnose Your Hair

What do you wish your hair could do?

Need more/less volume? Too frizzy? Doesn’t hold? It will help to have some goals in mind.

Comparing Shampoos- How Clean Do You Want Your Hair?

100% Clean

Trying to ‘start over’? Get dye out of your hair? Or you just need to get clean? We have Chemistry to maximize your clean.

Hair is porous, this is important to remember. There are physical holes in your hair. Hot water makes these holes bigger and more flexible, allowing more stuff out of your hair. Soaking additional time, and physically touching/scrubbing your hair will also increase clean. Hot Water cleans better than cold. (Don’t burn yourself)

‘Extracts’- Otherwise known as Soaps/Oils/Fatty Acids. You need to add oils to remove oils, this is your ‘non-polar’ necessity to clean your hair. As an example- “Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract”. These clean oils will both stay in your hair and replace old dirty oils.

Sulfates. This is the very common Surfactant that really cleans your hair. Bubbles make water, ‘Wetter’. Reducing surface tension, helping clean further. This is very important for shampoos and 100% clean.

Outside of those, shampoos have various large chain alcohols(-OH) to help move this into your hair. These wash out or evaporate easy. Most shampoos have various perfumes for sent. Anti Dandruff has an active ingredient.

Real World Usage- Only use 100% clean, 1 or 2 times a week.

Less Clean

If you have recently dyed your hair with colors, your hair is temporarily holding small/medium sized molecules in the pores of your hair. Hot water, soap/oils, sulfates, and physically scrubbing will all cause dye to come out faster.

There are gentler shampoos, without sulfates that can be used to clean hair to a lesser extent.

Cold/cooler water is preferred to keep dye in.

Real World Usage- Every 1 or 2 days.

Too Frizzy/Too Oily

After shampooing, conditioner comes to mind. These are ‘good oils’, they don’t smell bad, and they make your hair look smooth, shiny, and removes frizz.

Similar to shampoo, these are the same oils/’extracts’ as mentioned earlier in cleaning. In conditioners, the goal is to keep them in your hair. Traditionally conditioner is added, we wait for hair to cling to it, and we rinse out the extra. Suflates and Surfactants are not added to conditioners.

The goal with conditioner is shine, and frizz reduction. Alternatively to the shower routine, small amounts of conditioner can be added outside the shower for a similar effect. This can be useful for local areas where frizzy hair is present.

As a byproduct of conditioner being oils (non-polar), they will also act as soap and clean your hair. This can replace shampoo and lower the frequency of washing your hair with shampoo.

For getting that perfect non-oily shine, experiment with different regiments of sulfate shampoo/conditioner cycles.

Too Oily? Clean your hair and start over.


After hair has been cleaned and conditioned, a combination of plastics and heat can ‘set’ your hair. Common words for this are hair gel/moose/hair spray and blow dryer.

If you look at the ingredients in hair gel, you will see plastics and long chain alcohols to move plastic into your hair. These make your hair more rigid, keeping it in the perfect place.

Blow Dryer’s are magic, sculpting hair tool that also gives the ability to add volume to your hair.

Bleaching, Lightening, and Destroying Hair

Bleaching your hair physically removes some of your hair. As a result, it appears lighter. This can happen in the sun due to harsh rays.

Its commonly misunderstood that ‘Walmart’ box dye is a worse quality than salon bleach. The entire goal is to strip your hair. Salons have 10,20,30,and 40 volume options, which corresponds to strength.

The health of your hair depends on how much hair you have left. As you go more blonde, you will have less hair. If you keep bleaching, it will eventually fall apart.

There are two ways to keep getting lighter. Oleplex(repairs hair and rebuilds by giving amino acids, its kinda crazy) + more bleach. Or, Blue/purple dyes can make your hair appear whiter, but dyes are not bleach.

Hair Dye is not Bleach

Hair dyes are small chemicals, that when light hits, absorbs most colors, but reflects and emits a specific color. For blonde hair, many people see oranges after bleaching their hair, the solution is to add a counter color, blue or purple. This gives the eye a white color, making hair appear lighter and blonder.

You can apply hair dye without bleaching the hair, giving a darker and more subtle look. However, its very common to bleach first, and dye later for brighter and more defined outcomes.

Reminder that the dye are physical chemicals, washing your hair will force some to fall out. Don’t eat them.

Recap Your New Tools

Hair is oily/dirty? Shampoo, sulfates are strong.

Hair is frizzy and dull? Conditioner and figure out a satisfying shampoo/conditioner cycle

How to shape your hair? Gels/moose/hair spray + blow dryers

Bleach is used to permanently lighten hair.

Dyes are used to temporarily color hair.

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11-7-2018 Health Insurance Update

Lead Engineer- Michael Kirk:

I do not like doing non article updates, but this is urgent. Many people need to choose health insurance and the marketplace just opened.

The study is not done, but I wanted to share an early conclusion what seems like a unanimous decision thus far- Also with the urgency of the season.

Warning- Buy the lowest cost health insurance plan, always

Buy high deductible plans, always. Even if you are planning on hitting your deductible. Here is a sample of the data,

This study is not done, there is more data to be collected and analyzed. All 89 pages of Blue Cross Blue Shield Certificate were read. We have 20 different inputs per plan, family vs individual, copays, coinsurance, specialists, and more.

But for now, it seems like a very safe bet, to pick the lowest premium insurance. That is, if your current healthcare system accepts it. After 89 pages of BCBS, you don’t want to be Out-Of-Network unless its urgent or emergency care. That’s enough for now. Lowest cost insurance, always.

When it is complete, I will release urgently.

Busboy- The Dishwasher That Sets Your Dinner Table

It worked, we built a dishwasher that sets the dinner table.

See our live showing – Click Here

Thank you

Efficiency has hundreds of people visiting a day. This is why I do gigantic studies. Thank you for sharing with your friends!