Q2 2021- Baby Burp Statistics to save time, Qualities as a tool, Misc Money Saving Tips

Things are good, the website only needs an additional $100 by Dec 2021 to be profitable and safe from government. Be one of the people that saved Efficiency Is Everything by buying original $10 physical cookbook(that will save you money in 7 days of use), the $20 Perfect Eating cookbook, or donate. Also someone buy Efficiency Is Everything 8GB of ram by donating, its cheap and will tremendously improve the website. This technical issue has caused me to reformat my computer in a desperate attempt to extend this 7 year old ‘gaming laptops’ lifespan, costing about 2 weeks of work. My lack of ram potentially caused memory issues in manipulating massive food data for Nutrient Per Dollar v3.

Next release should have 3x more studies, multiple studies are underway. 2 new youtube videos will be coming in the next few weeks, subscribe.

Two useful articles and misc money saving tips.

Baby Burp Statistics (Study)– Useful if you ever plan to burp a baby, or want to apply stats to your own life. We sampled over 100 burps from multiple babies. This article shows you how to get your desired probability of burps out and save time(and effort). I personally wanted 2 numbers, a 2am ‘good enough’ probability, and a pre-nap perfection probability. Using Students T test, you only need your own 3 burp samples to have personalized data.

Qualities As A Tool(Theory)– This is similar to the “Defending yourself against Marketing/corporate psychology tricks” article I released a while back. This is one of the engineering tools I did not learn in college, I learned this in the real world. This can help you make inventions, select best products, and defend yourself from marketing.

Money Saving Ideas- Buy big folding tables and folding chairs, we’ve used this for multiple parties and after 1 party saved the cost of renting. You can use RGB lights in your bedroom to give yourself and SO a tan(mostly red with a tiny bit of green or blue), this saves money on tanning and cancer costs. Changing jobs to get a pay raise can pay for whatever ‘benefits’ the previous job had($15,000/yr raise will pay for health insurance, 401k vesting, and college classes). Sewing buttons is easy, sewing/tailoring is easy, save money, help the environment, and look cool by learning these. If you want more misc tips in the form of unedited ranting, a user suggested I journal. Don’t read this until you read everything else on the website, everything else is better than this.

Last update I failed to mention I had another kid, Aurelia Kirk. I generally don’t mention me, but this matters because it means more kids to test Efficiency Baby on.

List of upcoming studies- Facial Hair Per Second, Cleaning Products, Activities Per Second(Clean Per Second), How to Hack to get free stuff, best college degrees(with soulless objectivity that you love), FILO Laundry to save time, Protein Per Second, Nutrient Per Dollar v3.

Wish you the best, don’t be weak, use logic and reason.
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Michael Kirk

Save 21 Hours Per Week Eliminating Bad Habits And Diapers Per Dollar Study -Q1 2021 Update

Not to cause a panic, but Efficiency Is Everything needs to be profitable this year or it will shut down(according to IRS profitability rules). This shouldn’t be a big deal, I estimate $300 in expenses need to be covered which should be easy if the 10,000 people that signed up for an email donate $0.03 each. Or get yourself a physical classic Efficiency Is Everything cookbook or eat for $1.59/day with the Perfect Eating cookbook. If you believe in the idea of optimizing your life with Industrial Engineering principles, more than ever, this is the time to support.

Now for one of the biggest time saving articles of all time-

Save 21 Hours Per Week By Replacing Your Bad Habits

Don’t be daunted by the wall of text, the first half is full of brain lifehacks, and the second half is my personal anecdote(optional). The ROI is 168x in the first week alone. (7.5 minute read time, 21 hours saved)

And a money saving, data driven study-

Diapers Per Dollar, find out how you can get 3 diapers for the price of 1. (For those without kids and don’t know about Target vs Costco vs Walmart vs Amazon, this will still be value added to read)

Upcoming articles-

Kanban and MRP in your Kitchen-Industrial Engineering applied to your home. This one is essentially finished, but I decided I wanted to apply this study for an entire quarter before releasing it. The real world can be different than idealized principles. This will be released next quarter.

Protein Per Second Part 3- I finally found a solution to the measurement problem by using Fermi Numbers. I’m beyond excited about this.

Nutrient Per Dollar Calculator- I got the multi-million entries from USDA but my 8gb of RAM wasnt enough to complete the merges. Either donate so I can buy more RAM, or I’ll have to spend time and get creative.

Scientific Cleaning- After multiple top google results suggested mixing baking soda and vinegar, this article is necessary for humanity. After much consideration, as Piranha solutions are not recommended in Laboratory environments, I’ll need to find something a bit safer.

Best Regards,
Lead Engineer – Michael Kirk